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The right time. This is A. Everything's right time right now for I. I gotTa Root Canal yesterday. Oh really It it it. For seven days I was in severe pain really. Yeah I'd had this abscess in my tooth and couldn't get an appointment right. I managed to get an like to squeeze in Dan Sometime. Identity gave me these antibiotics kick in. They'll kick I seven days straight severe pain. Nothing I mean I'd buy down on this tooth. I'd be rolling on the ground down-home okay so you couldn't even enjoy the food couldn't couldn't eat. Oh God and then i. I got an emergency appointment with this Endo Dante specialists that my dentist said yes. The they'll see you. They'll make time right. See you and they did some work and I got a new lease something like I'm like you caught me at like one of the greatest. This is it a high point in life right now. Yeah I mean. I'm just like walking on the cloud right now. Oh my God so a whole lot of it is because of all the Monterey now but yeah but I feel. I'm telling telling you this is the root canals of wild processes isn't it. I got sort of kind of zest with the help. They think that yeah to you know to sort of clean out these channels that go inside of a two way up in there with these little brushes wires and out of your mouth. Yeah they did all that channels cleaned out the channels and and just keep the base so they can drill the new one on there. They just WANNA keep that in here because extract extracting and fake like a temporary. I I actually don't have anything that I have like temporary Just pay so. I had crown on this before. They took off the cry. And it's so but they filed it all down right there's just all down just a little nub that's filled with this and I'm thrilled ah I love but now you're waiting for real tooth right. You're waiting for the chair. Yeah they're going to put one in there and that's fine. I'm I'm just fine fine. I'm just so I'm telling you seven days of just intense torture. Some of the worst pain I've ever felt in my life and he threw the worst scary scary man. I can't even go the fucking dentist without being terrified. Oh Yeah but you gotta go go. Every I go every six months to a year. Yeah and But like the cleaning just the scraping. I can't like we've been dealing with our whole life. Yeah but I'm just like clinched in. It's just horrible. 'cause you're that one sensitive you're just waiting for that one moment. God Oh nothing yeah. That's this can worse and afterwards after I got the root canal escape still scared to eat just because off. I can't even imagine I was eating Matza ball soup and sent me to the ground. That's how they sent me to to grab took me out. I was roll and underground. where'd you multiple soup? I from from arts on Ventura ordered it. Because you know that's the are Delhi and Delhi. Yeah Yeah it's about. We go there every week long time. Yeah so real Jewish Style Deli. I don't know how it really is. I mean I never heard of the like like I know one day or two Delis go to cantor's and then yeah yeah You know there's green blasts which I never go to. I don't know it's it's it's not something I do all the time I I I actually grew up going to my my family. We went to Jewish Delis. All the time we actors on Pico actors out on peak of. That's gone now. That's it's fair. Yeah Oh you mean by Fox yes what am I. Thinking of Juniors is gone. It's another Deli now. Grew up at Factors Yeah my my family. We went like every every Every couple of weeks we'd go to factors and then we go to juniors. Yeah Yeah So. We grew up in that part of town. Yeah your whole life foreign born and raised. Yeah but your folks are not from here now. They emigrated from Korea in the early Seventies. was that like a time. Where a lot of people emigrated? They just came Came I think before the bigger way. Yeah Yeah Yeah. But but that's when that's when a lot of Koreans started and how come why do do you think they settled in Los Angeles. You have family here Well my dad had a job here so my dad was here before my mom. He had a he he and I don't know what exactly xactly brought him to. La He lived in San Francisco. Yeah a lot of a lot of Asian immigrants they go to San Francisco. Why is that? I don't know whether other other people like them there. I guess because I never I guess there's a deeper history to a lot of that stuff 'cause like I am living here you know. Apparently it's like a huge Armenian community. Yeah that's right and Koreans here. I just don't know how that starts. Who makes the decision? Is there a newsletter. That goes out that we've decided this is it. I think it's just friends and family and And they say hey. It's safe here right.

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