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Emily's parents were excited to see the palace. Her father wanted to tour as many historical sites could while they were on vacation in Madrid. Emily however become bored of all stuffy guided tours maybe she would have fun if she and other kids could explore the palace on their own but every tourist she had been to on. This vacation had a strict regimented order. What rooms people were allowed to stand? In and went. Emily's mom began pointing out all the boring golden picture frames and blue marble walls. Emily rolled her eyes. As the tour guide droned on about architecture but she perked up at the sound of distant laughter. She thought there must be other kids her age in this mansion. Emily slowly broke away from her parents making sure she was being subtle enough that nobody caught her. She pretended to look at a tapestry of a little girl. Surrounded by angels playing trumpets and waited for the tour to move on without her when they had turned the corner into the master bedroom. Emily snuck off to find the other little girl. Emily followed the sounds of the girls laughter. But instead I'm to massive ballroom decorated with Red and gold curtains and dragon statues. She went through every closet corridor and spare room she could find before realizing the girl must not be there anymore disappointed. Emily decided to go back to the tour when she walked back to the double staircase or she left her family. She couldn't find them anywhere. She called out to her parents. There was no way they could be far. She was only gone for ten minutes or so suddenly. Emily thought she heard their voices in the cellar area. Where the piano was. She went down a flight of stairs to the piano room calling for her parents then. She heard a knock on a strange door. She called out to her mother and a voice behind the door seem to respond. Emily realized the tour must have gone down into this room. She slowly opened the door beneath her was a staircase that led down into the basement. She felt uneasy but knew she had to get to where parents. She crept down the stairs leading into the dark basement. She called after her parents once again and once again her response a candle in the basement suddenly lent. Emily sought to strange figures. Her heart began pounding. This was not the tour group. The men and women were dressed in odd old fashioned clothing. The woman was fat with a pig like face and the man had a strange large white moustache. They stood in front of her silently. Staring family was frightened but thought. Perhaps they could help her. They stepped closer stuttering. Emily explained that she lost her. Parents needed help finding them. The pair silently crept closer eyes. Wide Bookstore. Emily they beckon to her opening their arms an embrace she heard the man whispering apologies and watched silent. Tears began to stream down the woman's face. Emily backed up terrified and turned to run up the stairs but the basement door slammed shut the old and woman kept coming smiling warmly sorrow and regret in their eyes. They slowly began to repeat over and over again. Whisper that they had finally found their daughter the Palacio. Dolores Madrid is tied to numerous twisted legends. Even though historians have not been able to fully separate fact from fiction when it comes to the tale of Jose and Raimonda and their incestuous love child workers and Nightwatchman have reported adult sized shadow figures potentially Raimondo Jose. Standing in hallways of the mansion employees and visitors to the palace in recent years can confirm sightings of a little girl who labs sings and cries and many of claimed they can hear her to this day calling for her murderous mother and father. Thanks listening to haunted places. A new episode comes out every Thursday. Listen to all the PODCASTS. Podcasts on apple podcasts stitcher Google play cast box tune in or your favorite podcast directory. Many of you have asked how to help the show. And if you enjoy haunted places the best way to help is to leave a five star review wherever you listen. We'll see next week. Haunted places created by Max Cutler. It's the production of Cutler media. And is part of the podcast network it's produced by Max and Ron Cutler sound designed by Ron Shapiro with production assistance by Joel Stein. Paul Molitor Maggie Admire and Carleen haunted places as written by a Livia dealer. Antennas I'm Greg Paulson..

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