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Smith into left field. right now. two hundred two hundred two fifty to fifty today three hundred that's. back in a blue dress man that sounds so weird yeah yes these something auctioneers a table white nerves as names sound Padres radio young that made it one nothing Chris paddock made it stand up six shutout innings in the cubs lose to the Padres for nothing so the Mets now to our in the wild card race trailing Chicago and Milwaukee because the the brewers last night one of being the marlin seven five Mike we stock is the tie breaking home run in the ninth inning this aftermarket Stroman faces Alex young is the Mets go for that rare four game sweep we'll see again two games out that second wild card spot there was no Yankee baseball last night yanks and Tigers rained out they'll play to today looks like Jay Happel start the first game see see see about the of the second coverage on the fan at twelve thirty Erin Hicks it looks like his season is going to be over with the U. C. L. town ours that news came out yeah all right so the doors open for stand now yeah sure if you know because talk men and heads are out of the mix that's it right now and he has to be a part of this too young house I means that means is a very good chance that you know we may been Frasier as well. where I feel was then man all of a sudden and is it Fraser's it weighed it's got to be it's got to be Frasier right. because if you like offense it's gotta be Frasier right yeah if if it comes down to where stands not available you would think I mean but I really it's about John caller saying getting healthy and be in a line of me there every day left fielder in the playoffs that's what it's about. if if it maybe it's going to be back I he'll he'll be back so man if it is your right it kind of clean itself up and just kind of like yeah it has all your off Spencer opportunities LPN you'd want to clean itself up this way with two important pieces being our bot it has I still say that if everything was equal and all the guys were healthy there's no way that I would put stand on the playoff roster is no way now you may have to put him on the roster yeah that's a different story. right Yankees now half game ahead of the Astros for the best record in baseball Houston loses to Oakland five to three also notes past opens good pesky ETS pass and rated passkey raise one of losing to the Rangers ten nine had their six game winning streak come to an end is Stephen Strasburg six innings national beat the twins sixty two Braves over the Phillies three one Dallas Crichel six innings with H. strikeouts for the win week two of the NFL open tonight Westwood one's coverage on the fan at eight PM Panthers and box Sunday the giants take on the bills Monday night you've got the jets and the Browns Quincy unknown what a neck injury his season is over yes for kid man I don't know what is it and some guys just can't get over the injury and I just hope he's OK and is it is it is a potentially career and I mean it has to. from everything I was a meeting yeah how do they describe a bulging disc neck disk in the neck I saw a neck injury from Sunday and then you go back to his history he had a bulging correct disc in his neck back in two thousand seventeen cameras one or if it's a reoccurrence of that is why watch yourself. you know get real close so I said slowly just say neck injury just deal with a neck injury but you need to know that it's a bulging disc in. okay a couple other things really quickly you've got in New England Antonio brown wearing the number one on his Jersey was on the practice field do bill Belichick first time he was gonna talk about brown since the allegations came out and towards the end of his press conference really tried to shut down the question so I mean I'm done with the okay anything else on my I mean anything else on Miami here's your follow.

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