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Big troubles out there. The roadways are slick too because of rain so do be careful one nine is closed both. Ways at Randolph avenue. In Woodbridge all because of an accident investigations got all lanes shut they're also you'll find some difficulty as you make your way, on the. Truck lanes of the New Jersey turnpike northbound Thomas Edison service area jackknifed, tractor trailer, is, taking out. One late in the Garden State. Parkway southbound one forty, three accident blocking the left, lane in irvington also New Jersey turnpike car lane southbound exit twelve. Or would accident, there now blocking the right lane across the Hudson at the Holland. It is one, lane, blocked each way Likud, with a tube closure the Senator tube George, Washington Bridge your upstairs both ways with a two lanes knocked. Out and also you got the one lane closed. Under the apartments On the outbound side so some difficulty there with that and then you, start out of crossings Bayonne bridge closure plays Brooke about lower level, of, Arizona shutdown alternate side suspended, next couple of. Days for religious observance by the meteoroid still apply so make sure you feed the meters. And, our next traffic update in less. Than ten minutes on WCBS, all right we've. Got rain now will. It end and when will it end rain will eventually and here's I'm meteorologist might doll rain. Chances just through the. End of the day on Wednesday but some drier weather is ahead looks like a pretty decent weekend ahead so early this morning, there is. A brain which can be heavier in some spots some couple thunderstorms as, well low, down, to seventy. Later Wednesday a shower thunderstorm around. Early and again late, in the day otherwise warm, and humid with some breaks for sun high eighty four clearing and. Becoming more comfortable, Wednesday night low sixty five hundred towns sixty in some of the. Cooler suburbs Thursday, Friday, Saturday looked really nice, lots of sunshine low humidity is all three. Days close to eighty degrees warmer and more humid with sunshine WHEN Sunday high eighty six and right now, Joe we have rain in the area as you mentioned it sixty eight, Newtown seventy two in new providence. Seventy two in midtown heading down to. A low of seventy, all right Mike doll thank you w. CBS news time to. Ten I he stole the money then he left an apology, note the remorseful burglar had broken into the mountain mount olive, AME Zion church and Waterbury Sunday morning at one he's still three thousand dollars worth of cameras monitors and, a microphone used to broadcast religious services then he wrote a note, pray, for me sorry brothers save. Me Andrew a. Little sad face video the suspect on our website of the CBS eight eighty dot com Governor Andrew Cuomo pardon undocumented immigrants ahead of his. Deportation by. Ice Harvey's Gomez is thirty nine he was convicted of criminal sale of a. Controlled substance nearly a decade ago he. Completed probation the governor said Gomez. Has paid his debt, to society at this marks the four-time Cuomo has used his pardon authority to protect individuals facing potential, deportation WCBS news time to eleven when posting on most job. Sites you, get,.

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