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I. Randy Adams host among the bond sell cars dot com owned by your vehicle, the good the bad. Any kind of condition. So give me a call eight three four seventy nine. Radio show long bond sell cars dot com, Saturday afternoon, answering thirty and Saturday night. Hi, Peggy cash from Transworld leasing we've been advertising on wwl asses nineteen Ninety-seven w delivers a qualified listener responds to our ads and has the means to buy what they want. If you need a new car truck, give us a call if it can be leased weaken lease it six nine six eight thousand nine hundred since nineteen seventy nine leasing is our only business, and if you need to reach a quality customer base fuze W L A W O A I worked for Trans World leasing it will work for you to. We're the best. Everybody says it while others talk AM builders gives you a behind the scenes view, go to K and builders dot com slash raw to see actual construction. Video and unscripted comments from our clients considering remodeling your home look to the company who has served thousands of discriminating clients since nineteen Eighty-four when proven performance quality and experience matter. Call us total Cam, builders dot com slash raw to see real remodeling dun-rite or call six eight okay. AM? Oh, factory direct patio furniture sale at family leisure shop now for the largest selection at guaranteed lowest prices, deep seating sets only seven ninety nine family leisure has factory-direct pricing on all the best brands tropics owned Berlin gardens. Hannam Woodard NCI and many more Bali sling cast aluminum hand woven wicker, we've got it. All family leisure, also has a huge selection of chases brenda's basis and more can't find what you're looking for. We'll help you customer. Order your dream collection. Stop in today. Factory-direct.

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