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Is sad. I'll I'm I'm afraid to go into the city. Well, we we're. We're about to step aside for singing and do a check on traffic. But thank you, Donnie, we appreciate the education. We need to talk more about robbery money prac- cassette. That was the thing up in Chicago to really. Yeah. Everything else stayed your sock. But you can't like five or six bucks in your front pocket. Net was your robbery money. In case. You got jumped somewhere in the old south side lot of stories to get to. But at six fifteen we gotta get to traffic. So Chuck what's happening on the roads, pal. We're brought to you is a service Murat Kushner, managing principal with Wells Fargo advisors financial network LLC the west side, outer loop delays now begin right after seven thousand five may actually be there by now. So definitely watch for that delay, and it's solid all the way down through Frederick wrote. Nothing major yet at green spring around the part Phil side that will change very shortly delays on the approaches now to both the harbour tunnels construction related, of course, on 895 other way, we're back in business on the bay bridge. Again. Both lanes are open on the eastbound side of route fifty one wreck in woodland from close to the beltway Dogwood road and Belmont avenue Murat Kushner has been helping Baltimore retire from within twenty five years manages north of two hundred sixty five million. For clients. And if you're planning to retire in the near future brought it four ten to nine four eleven thirty nine on Chuck Whitaker traffic first,.

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