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You have a title now you know you general to the evan of stars on your show your shoulders the fifth of the six star tom here said you've heard this a million times at goldman and i thought mr blamed finds answer was very responsible they in their own goldman way they figure out the cold leadership thick sure i mean i think what he's doing and this is a very responsible way to answer a question like that is he's not pinning himself down to any outcome because they a lot of things have changed he he's had made it pretty clear he doesn't intend to step down anytime soon so you don't want to determine who is going to succeed you too early in the game i don't know pebbles dejeuner very quickly he looked awfully healthy let's remind or source two years ago he was extremely cirque yeah he he he hadn't cancer and he's he's been treated and the as far as we know he's doing well i just wanna were breaking just off offer this to you that senator susan collins republican of course saying that she is not a committed yes vote for the overhaul big deal and they're still has what she describes as quote lots of concerns about the bill that the senate may vote on on as early as today just wanted to bring in the us senator from i will be in is what we call preceding was never close yes running all over finance was a what else did you learn the interview with senator and small business and that actually i think that's a pretty interesting part of the interview i mean first find you know i i do wanna command any effort to help small businesses it's you know they're sort of the heroes of our society building these companies and these jobs than it takes a lot of a lot of courage to go out really amazing so i think it's a great that goldman sachs is helping to support them i think another possibly decide benefit of this two goldman beyond that core mission that mr blank find described is that it does give them political links he referred to this i event in dc they have coming up in february and how they're going to representatives from the fifty states and they're going to have small businesses they've helped all around the country and one.

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