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Of a successful entrepreneur. Hi, my name's Mara Titus. I'm from North Carolina. And my question was what's the weirdest product that has ever been introduced on shark tank? Where does product? There's so many weird products such shark tank. We've had a fart candle. You don't know what it's like being on national TV having to it was nasty. There's just so many but watch all the replays, you decide. We have one more wanna draw cat for you. I didn't got time for one more L. Oh my name's Matt, Matt. So I'm a computer science student, and I'm definitely cybersecurity in a is a big problem. So I'm I don't know if you're right. Or or one, I'm still looking for answers on that myself and another things about climate. I love the conversation. You were having. So I just kind of wanted to get your opinion more on what exactly we should be doing with a and with soap climate for, for those of you who you're young. If you don't pay attention to what is, if you don't go to, let's say, Amazon AWS, or just go, what I was suggested go to YouTube and just type in introduction to machine learning and just watch it to see what it is type in introduction in neural networks. Just watch some of the presentations that are on YouTube. The impact that the internet is had and the changes that your parents went through more than you, because you grew up with the internet. We'll is minimal compared to the impact that AI would is going to have is having an we'll have what's changed over the past couple of years. That's really accelerating. It is the speed of processors, these think called GP us which were originally just used for gaming. But now they keep on getting more and more advanced smaller faster and able to do more, which allow more allows more processing ago to happen in a small space that's going to change how things are done, literally who you work for how you work the type of work, you do is going to be completely different than your parents within the next ten to fifteen years, and so paying attention to AI. And so what you're doing with computer science is great. But even if you have no interest in computers, no interest in, in programming. It doesn't matter just like you laugh at your parents who might or might not understand, Snapchat, and Instagram. Twitter and the like, you know, you're going to have to understand AI, or people are going to laugh at you. And one last thing I wanted to say. Remember earlier this morning, Charlie was speaking. And he said something about Saudi Arabia. I remember how Saudi Arabia really isn't a very moral country, and we don't share their values. So in the in the long term, I definitely agree with Charlie that we should have more market solutions, but I kind of wanted to hear what you think because in the short-term were very dependent on Saudi Arabian oil right now. And I'm thinking, we probably should be funding through the government. Actually, a lot of people here are going to disagree with me, but we should be putting subsidies towards green energy. So we don't have to rely on these immoral countries. Yeah. I mean, I'm not gonna judge Saudi Arabia one way or the other. I don't I don't know anybody from there a couple of people, but. An argument can be made both ways obviously Charlie would tell you to come up with the market-driven solution. I would tell you for our biggest problems. Sometimes the thing about market-driven solution. There's always opportunity and an entrepreneur will typically end up winning almost all the time. But in the interim we still as a country needs solutions, and where we can set a foundation that helps entrepreneurs and accelerates entrepreneurs for big problems. I always think that's a good thing. Well, let's give it up. Just thank Mark again for coming. Let's give it up for Mark. And for Charlie, it was a lot of fun, really. We. We don't. We don't agree on everything. But this is what America's all about disagreement, civility exchange of ideas. So thank you, Mark. Appreciate it. Thank you. Well,.

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