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That actually hidden in this series bound jewish just had really no chance to fight through that looked like a great point you know that's something that we that we work on everyday practice especially with him and horford atlanta so we try to look to take advantage of that whether a screening for me with the core of a i'm i'm getting the ball handed off to him he's turning the corner he sent me on a pick and pop so a lot of good acting there i feel like we're just scratching the surface outstanding well looks forward to the next series thank you very much kevin love and the raptors kevin love and the cavaliers closing out the raptors with her thirty five point win they sweep the series cavaliers are moving on all five starters in double figures for the first time in these playoffs raptors meanwhile ten straight playoff games lost now to cleveland here's our stephen a smith quote what i saw tonight anyway there's a lot to wrap this quitting gay for they got annihilated we also the final score we sort of beat down that they were subjected to tonight it was it was almost figuratively speaking like the cavs took off their proverbial belt put the toronto raptors overlapping elected to spank them religiously repeatedly and devoid of mercy it was just that kind of beat doubt effort at route to wrap is to go out like this was just one of the more embarrassing endings that you'll ever see from a team in a particular season the cleveland cavaliers were not the better team they were the toronto raptors was supposed to be a better team collectively i just knew they wouldn't have an answer for lebron james james's somehow some way he would close the deal he was able.

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