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One for six weeks. If you're just tuning in this queue, I'm Tom power. You're listening to a little bit of get lucky from daft punk featuring Williams also featuring guitar playing from my guest and the guy who co wrote a Grammy award winning producer rock and Roll Hall of Famer and living legend now Rogers legend. Pens would get news. Now, if this came around and only tell me as much as you want to tell me, but this came around that is sort of a scary personal time for you to right? Yeah. Yeah. I was recovering from from extremely aggressive prostate cancer, and the doctors were not certain of my outcome. And I was just doing what I was supposed to do what they told me to do, you know, walking five miles a day. You know, after I had my prostate surgically removed, and and of course, they monitor you to see if they got all the cancer because that's the problem with cancer. Is that you know, they could still be microscopic parts that haven't shown themselves, and you know, they think you're fine. And next thing, you know, they go oh my God. It's come back. And in fact, it really hadn't left they just hadn't gotten it. Or sometimes it does come back. So in my case, I was in the initial recovery period. When I got the phone call, which is how we sort of wind up hooking up together because we have been trying to hook up together for years and every time I would go to France who will be some kind of strike, and I could never get to where they. And I think that was cool because you know, when I was a kid we had strikes all the time now in America. Nobody strikes over anything. You know, whatever do you feel different since that since that scare since that? No, not really the key. 'cause I've I had a second bout of cancer since the first big one. And. And I've lost so many Greeley close friends. You know, like, you you, and you think about the people in the chic organization the original she Goering's Asian when I look at that original picture of us with Luther Vandross Bernard Edwards. Tony Thompson, Raymond Jones. Ray Maldonado five people in that photo, every male except for myself, and rob have passed away every guy. And it's just it's so weird because I was the most reckless because I grew up with the sort of most bohemian type of parents, you know. I tell people that I've never been given a curfew in my entire life. My parents never ever said to me now come home when the lights come on or anything like that. Because they knew that instinctively I knew to come on. When there was nothing else to do. We got we got one more song for you. Take a listen to this. That's just a little taste of the new single from Nile Rodgers band chic, but still the world falls, right? Yeah. Featuring a marimba Vic Mensa and Kosheh they're gonna come and grab you at some point. I'm sure we've.

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