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In Gaza President Reuven Rivlin described the outbreaks of rioting in several towns and cities as senseless civil war. The Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said nothing excused either community attacking the other. Assumed of all moments, Dick Lynch Schiller of imbued him. Nothing justifies the lynching of Arabs by Jews, and nothing justifies the lynching of Jews by Arabs. It's unacceptable. But the Israeli citizens, I say it doesn't matter to me. If your blood boils, you can't take the law into your own hands. You can't take an ordinary Arab citizen and lynched them. Mr Netanyahu said he was giving police emergency powers to restore order on will deploy the military if necessary. Heavy Israeli airstrikes have continued through the night in Gaza on Palestinian militants are still launching waves of rockets towards Israeli cities. Israel's security cabinet has approved plans to escalate the bombardment of Gaza. At least 67 Palestinians, including 15 Children have been killed since the fighting began on Monday. Seven have been killed in Israel, among them a child and a soldier. President Biden has spoken to Prime Minister Netanyahu about the conflict and said he was hopeful that the violence would end soon. In a phone call with the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, the U. S Secretary of state, Antony Blinken emphasized the needs to end the rocket attacks. The U. S is sending a top diplomat to the Middle East to urge both sides to de Escalate, Peter Boats, reports. Striking an optimistic note. But without providing details. President Biden said his expectation and hope was that the cycle of violence would end sooner rather than later. He said his national security team had been in frequent contact with counterparts in Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia on the United Arab Emirates to try to bring about a resolution of the conflict. A statement from the White House about Mr Biden's call with Benjamin Netanyahu said the president conveyed his unwavering support for Israel's security on legitimate right to defend itself and its people. Resident. Bindon has said the approval of the finds a vaccine for Children in the United States from the age of 12 is an important step in the fight against the Corona virus pandemic. Mr Binding, urged parents to make sure their Children get the shot, saying getting teenagers vaccinated would bring America closer to normality. We're gonna have for the first time. It's safe.

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