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It something else that is where I wonder where the lines are with this new PC culture. And I'm learning on my feet like a lot of us. I am learning by feet as I go. So I don't wanna be out of bounds. I'm educate me. Why can't I call it a spicy cupbearer? That's what it takes to bring in Darcy for this. I it's a little I haven't even said the main of the show, but I think this is an Garcia's like so excited to get senior itching she's leaned into the Mike a couple times Oeser mouth keeps putting your finger up to shish me. So let's hear it Darcy. Where's the line these days? Hi, guys. Thanks for having me being here. Oh, gosh. It's hard for all of us. And I appreciate that. You, you know, say it because I feel like so many people are afraid of saying they don't want. They don't want to admit, I've always been whoa, call it. We were bored. I guess what? When they have a question. They're like scared to ask a question because L like get yelled. I I want. want. I wanna what's on Devon's shirt under his shirt. I'm scared because it's like a green tea, and doesn't it seem like don't show me? But doesn't it seem like on that t shirt is like something like it's going to be like a real? Yes, kinda crazy s from the color of the of the teach. It's not the color of t-shirt that a traditional brand would make. And so we know that he's gone off the grid to acquire this t shirt Spencer's gifts. Yes, something like that something Dr something dark some of the underground shit that he's into an alien show us either now. No. But anyway, I appreciate that. And I know I've had such a hard time with it too. It's a new world. It's a new dawn is a new day. Well, we were doing comedy back in the undergrad number that child. Disgusting the most offensive, and we could imagine we loved it. We were sleeping. I would if it oh I would sniff it. And and I would rub it all over. Oh my God. I would bathe in it. I'd eat it for breakfast lunch dinner and a damn midnight snack. We were offered talking. We were off until midnight. Oh, yeah. We were actually have a real good nights night at midnight. Because we'd be awake are baddie. Heim was midnight. Fifteen every night of the week. I mean snack at midnight, and then right to brush your teeth and then bed. Yeah. Because you're eating Amy or know the slime and grand really had to fresher T freshman with frigging toilet, fresher the toilet brush. Thank god. There is even toilet. Right. Yes. It is Russian with your finger. Yeah. Using your finger and then use a guess what? For two faced more ground. And it was insane. So I'm learning how my feet like everybody else. Good for you. It is Hollywood handbook. Yes. Insider's guide to kicking and dropping names and the red carpet line back hallways of this industry. We call showbiz. There's your fan of the show talk about some of your favorite episodes. I love. Joe angered episode. Okay. Yes. Yup. Live. I love age Owango episode as well. He's done a few. I love for your episode that he did one of them was Magna feet. I can remember a Ben Rogers specific Ben Rogers episode or a part of it was like a it was like a bit. Yeah middle. Yeah. In the middle rat. It was one of the commercials. Find it we found it. It's a bell curve bell curve. Ben bell curve. Ben right bell curve. Benny tell. Yes. So we love reliving this stuff with true die hard ban. I remember gen stats key episodes. Okay. Now, we're getting into our getting into risky territory, hot water, and she did only the one. That's you. Yeah. Scheduling conflict the rest of the time. Tried to get her on our basketball podcast, flagrant one. Yes. Oh, but she's very excited to do it. But not that this time or that time or any other time..

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