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We bring you the final installment in our higher education series. Over the last month. We've heard stories about how students and institutions have been upended by the pandemic. Tonight we take a more hopeful look at students who have been inspired by the events of the last year and return to school. Hari Sreenivasan has this report for our series Rethinking college graduation day at Howard University student Omari Anthony started her senior year in the middle of the pandemic, and this day was not guaranteed. I had some doubts. Sometimes I really did. We didn't find out that we're having in person graduation until The last week of March. So initially, I was thinking that I was going to be, you know, on zoom in my bedroom at home. Walking that way, Anthony majored in journalism and not too long ago hoped to begin a career as an investigative journalist. But in the midst of this unprecedented year, something changed for her. I just felt like you know, there was a lot of people raising awareness. There was a lot of people you know, studying and researching, willing to talk about what was going on. But there weren't enough people who were able to are willing to act at the time, and I felt like that's what I really had to do so after four years of college instead of looking for jobs, She decided to start on a completely new career path this fall should be going back to Howard to begin a master's program in social work. There's not enough people who feel empowered to be able to act on what is going on. Right now. Everyone feels like things are out of their control. A lot of people felt helpless. A lot of people felt alone and I think that I really enjoy working with people and being able to empower them to solve their own issues and come up with their own solutions to what they're facing. For Anthony, part of it was seeing the effects of the pandemic firsthand. I remember at the beginning of the pandemic, my grandfather like got laid off, and he's older. So like he was working past retirement age anyways. And he had started going to the food bank, and he would have to sit in the food bank line for hours to be able to get food and he wasn't even as you know, I guess high need as other people work. Then came the murder of George Floyd.

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