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The mvp baseball as a great job of laying out their awards so you talk about the sport for a couple of weeks the last what is the mvp what's up last one is it yeah i think this is this is the last day well what's left right well actually manager the year uh i guess maybe wreck rookies of the year those happen first yes whole yesterday was the site young today's the mv right so here the three finalists for the american league judge out to obey jose ramirez ramirez was incredible look at those doubles fifty six todd bowles for jose ramirez now he's the noname guy on this list but what a year he had a little second little third he's an he's a real talent look listen to leave that hungary or forty six that's already to home runs ego or you're on romero the romero's it get it out to vase your went out to his can win on i agree aaron judge rookie of the year unanimous rookie of the year but he's going to lose out here all right mvp and then as the omega3 finalised giancarlo staten oh please come to the giants trading in that go hey what do you think is going to go i just don't think they're gonna want to be in say thank you cody gangs now garrard's come around of the camby our way of thinking i just larry i mean they could surprise me maybe i'm clan led him lead letting him badly all right by ansari tax al of course they need carrie no but get larry bare himself doesn't care about the luxury tax he'd better return johnson says hey larry i lost twenty million last year i don't care can we just say this right now what to do today what today today uh did today on november sixteen happy to say the sixty th yes the giants have zero chance of going to the playoff if they don't exceed that luck ariza as europe sheer as zero r zero they have to exceed the luxury tax or they won't be a contender next year he i think deep down they know that why do you crap all over rich people well.

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