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She's really pushing to be with him it's just it's alive we've more tv talk next on the bill simmons podcast where he spoke with comedian pete combs about comics as lead actors and hbo she'll crashing but returns for his second season january fourteen check it out there's how many comedy tv shows about a comedian have there been too many is here too many too many but out are so now i would argue not enough to yeah no i know his year like in the comedy world which is a totally different show than just like seinfeld he's a comedian but that he was in a comedian that show right i was very loose thread but it was an about a comedian sir leon i'm totally joy i don't think there are too many i think one of the reasons there are so many and crashing is different because it's it's on the ground yet it's not a flyover of stand up comedy it's like here's what it would be like literally to walk up to a club and say like how i'd like to do you're open mic night like she had access seen and then like shower i mean getting ready and being nervous and running the jug by your friend these are all seems like we're really going in real time as as in real time as is tolerable and pleasant um but what worries i won't what was the i was asking why why we're so many shows about yes i think one of the things that's interesting is that like comedians will always be compelling leads of vehicles because they're finding they have an excuse to be funny you ever watch like er in your like why these dr so funny there are hilarious yeah here all these quipped it's just like kind of a buy it takes you out of it a little bit which who cares you're watching you are but i'm just saying comedians i can be funny when my wife is leaving me because i am a comedian it did not only is it okay it actually serves the story actually tells you why she's leaving me because i won't stop making jokes and we like that but also comedians almost like in the sopranos were tony is going to therapy dan of is going up on stage so you're seeing their inner world present dead and i think.

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