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Games done Maureen Palatine morning Maureen. How are you today? Good morning, Diehl Armstrong had to clear both customs and immigration after returning from the moon. I love this. It sounds ridiculous. Scary. I think it's true. True. That's right. Listen. I curse on the show. Do I? Well. David I do know. I do know without giving away too much that the, the astronauts were quarantined when they return a month customs immigration now. They knew what they were false. It is true. Hold on. You've won miss leg. Hold on you one, I miss lead you that after the quarantine. I'm gonna give Maureen my player. Did you get any fruit from the moon and bring it back into the what are you declaring about it? My pillow most comfortable pillow still ever own mypillow dot com, use code WGN, Dustin Ukrainy village Dustin. Nothing. Good. How are you excited? You sound really excited this morning. Could ever know? All right. Here's dustin. John here, you go, Dustin two dogs rescued from neglect fiction. We're at the end of the office of mayor for eleven years in a row in Buckboard, New Mexico. That's got to be true. On this totally made everything up over to. There's a Buckboard New Mexico. I totally lead. You're the wrong path. So you went to hold on. Gift certificate. Deep dish pizza, their forty Chicago. It makes total sense. The dog would be elected mayor in the wacky world, just a dog elected into office in the last week. I saw it makes no sense at the astronauts, coming back from the moon, adequate custom okay? There. They filled out a form got other other place. We've got other games to play Mr. check all my. The flight attendant on. Apollo eleven handed out the card out. It was a joke. Yeah. And they signed it. Oh, you look it up. I did look it up. Well, let's still clear customs technically, it's actually a story. Five of the nation's most accomplished animal. Mayors. Dave and San doing their own show. Johnson crystal lake John. Got. Are you? John, if you could drive, your car straight up, you would reach outer space in less than an hour. I'm not saying a word dude. I've led everybody wrong. Do you have to go through customs? Drive, your car straight up drive, your car straight up, you would reach outer space and less than an hour. Well, the let's go one hundred and twenty miles an hour. That's one hundred twenty miles, how fast is your car? Well, that's a fact. It's a fact when he got no help and you I don't know. I feel like I'm gonna go ahead and give gift cards since nineteen thirty six Steve. I'm sorry. I gotta tell you this dog. This dog is name with pal Pol tro, mayor mayor, pal pot Paul tro, so what one hundred twenty miles. You know how to get outer space. Dave look this up and tell me about five minutes. Santa Jesse present, she's Mr. space. Good point. Steve. How far do I have to go to get into outer space? I wanna see it's two hundred more than two hundred miles, maybe two hundred thirty nine miles. I don't know well hundred twenty miles isn't that totally thirty nine I think everybody needs to check on this one. Where's the border line? Where are you? Getting your information distance to space is what I'm saying difference to the outer space the distance to space. This is to clear earth's atmosphere. Is that the definition, especially sixty two miles. There we go. Distance between earth and space. This is so silly. Now, does that mean from the ground to space or the general accord, is where the planets boundary ends in the sub orbital space begins now, I don't know you know, crappy car. Okay. It's one hundred kilometers real quick. Carmen line. The Karman line more Kerman loan. Yes. Antiach rich ready to play. I think so this is going really well. Wanna go? Here you go. Rich can openers were invented fifty years after cans, were invented. Well, the we said it was very firm based on how I'm not gonna say, yeah, I went to the way he said it sounded very, very Fakty Fakty. How did Cowboys open canopies shot it? What did you say false fiction? No. That is true. I have four four today. No. Why you wouldn't listen to me, I've been so good. All morning long. Go ahead and give him my pillow. Exactly right on my pillow. He's gonna get tested. She started the idea. Your chances good. If you play Austin, what's happening? Austin? What are you doing this morning? For work. What do you do? I work at a hospital. Okay. Which one? CG h medical center, sterling annoy. Okay. What do you do there? Wow. Informatics. It's like okay. All right. So it sounds like a much more interesting job than what I do. I don't know about that. All right. Austin let you get to work, but I go Austin bananas like apples grow on trees. True, and false bananas growing plants. Oh, don't plant. Tree. Gift certificates. I don't wanna play this anymore if I'm going to take all of this negative crap from new people. You want us plead eighty. Tomato is a fruit business that people are always saying. All right. Because you want as well. So there you go. Five losers. Who actually are winners? Congratulations. That was impressive over five. That's amazing. That's amazing. And what you sold that one. Sponsored by Marquette Bank did sell it was true. Yeah. Right. But then how much supposed to read your body language the rest of sponsored by Marquette Bank time for Steve. What do you got? Good morning, everyone. Fifty two degrees, a little bit of fog and mist this morning on her way to seventy three mayor Lightfoot laying out her priorities for her first one hundred days in office. Speaking at the city club of Chicago yesterday, the mayor discussed curbing, all dramatic power and pushing for more sweeping ethics reform, Lightfoot also emphasize, the need to reduce Chicago's gun violence by investing in the south and west sides. She also called on the city council to pass an ordinance proposed by the grassroots alliance for police accountability that we create civilian oversight for the Chicago police department to parents are suing a home daycare in south suburban Lansing, following the death of their ten month old baby back in April. Vincent Clark the third was put down for a nap in the basement of learning play all day home. Childcare and apparently left unattended for two hours in a play pin staff found him unresponsive, and he died the next day at the hospital, the lawsuit claims the child. Death was the result.

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