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Cove, Bathroom and Shower, Remodel. Good evening. Thanks for joining us. I'm Rick fan sites are editor is Jeremy Greater along with ELISA Jaffe. President Trump is urging his supporters to remain peaceful at rallies in the coming days. In a video released today, he denounced the violence at last week's U. S. Capitol protests that left several people dead. And said true supporters of his would never resort to violence. In a videotaped speech to a mostly remote meeting of the Washington Legislature. Governor Inslee today told lawmakers that following the challenges of 2020, the state must move to a new normal. It was his third inaugural address. Lawmakers are gonna need to address a multitude of issues, including equity, affordable housing and climate change. There's a couple in Burlington and they live to dance, not even cove. It could stop the music for these two. They're the stars of Eric's Heroes today. Brought to us by the team at retirement Solution. Eric Johnson here with the story. Look, you've been on YouTube. Right? There is something about people dancing that makes us happy. And I am so thrilled to put the story out into the world tonight because it makes me happy. And I know it's going to make everybody else happy to Jerry and Jerry. One with a Y one with an eye. They live in Burlington, and they just go out and dance. So what happened is when covert hit. They used to chase music, live music all over the scheduled valley. They couldn't do that anymore. So they want in their driveway and started dancing and the neighbors all started gathering around and cheering and clapping Because I'm telling you what you see them dance, you're going to realize why it's just this life affirming, joyous thing. Thing, the jitterbug. They've got the moves. They get dressed up. So then what they started doing is going all over the place and doing it and accordance and look, Connor and Mount Vernon and they get dressed up. She and high heels him in a suit. He were saddle shoes all the time. Oh, he's a dandy, and they just show up. They bring their boom box. They start playing some music and some square somewhere. And they start dancing. How long if they've been dancing together? And what did they say? That does for them as a couple? Well, it's each of their second marriage. You know, it's so funny. I wanted to go down the romance. So you're bringing romance into the world which they are, but that's not really what they wanted to talk about. They just wanted to talk about being happy, she said. It makes me happy from the inside out when I dance, and it also makes other people happy. So they see that is their mission to just go out there. Dance. Dance dance and make people happy. But they've been together for several years. Now they just love jitter. Bye. They don't waltz because Jerry with a Y doesn't like to waltz. He only likes to jitterbug and wait till you see some of the facial expressions and the moves These guys have. How old are these two? She's 78 0. He's 81. So this isn't a couple whipper snappers out there. I mean these thieves to been around a little bit, but you know, it's very obvious watching him that it keeps them young. When you say there are people there around them. What's that? Like to see them? Do they start dancing to are they just in awe? We saw a mom and a baby start dancing while we were there, But mostly people just kind of smile and tap their toes and their hearts are filled by watching these two Be so happy and there was one guy we talked to who said, you know, it reminds me of the old days when people weren't afraid to really show their happiness Which kind of struck me they are. Outwardly exhibiting their happiness for the world, and it reminds me of growing up and how great it was just on the weekend to stay in your room and dance to American Bandstand. Remember, it was so cool. That was just the thing to do is to be able to be home and dance did that Even when I was alone, I knew I was a bad dancer. But I can see you with the hairbrush singing along, you know? Well, you you especially are just gonna love these. Can't wait. That's tonight At six on camo news. Thanks, Eric. You bad You are saddle shoes, didn't you? I knew that you know for a little while, but the way after they were cool because then I thought they were cool again..

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