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It's five forty five. Let's send it to the new BMW Toyota sports desk for sports update from Chris ruby another day of practice for the blues today before the Edmonton Oilers in town tomorrow Kennedy cocking company in the midst of a nice stretch blues. Trying to turn things around after dropping two of three on the road. They'll do it with some new faces. Alex ROY is more from practice today. Chris the three players from San Antonio joined the blues for practice this afternoon and a little lion juggling for head coach Craig ba-, ruby in one of the bigger changes was Vladimir Tarasenko playing with Tyler Bosak Tyler very excited jump in with them. Things get changed because. You know, maybe trying to spark that. Hopefully that does that. Guys, the games. Change. Among the other changes, Jordan, tyrod was skating with Brayden Schenn and Robert Thomas skating with Ryan O'Reilly reporting from enterprise center, Alex Ferrario, cable exports banks, Alex six thirty four your blues. Pregame skate tomorrow, seven o'clock, the blues and Edmonton, Oilers and basketball, the Slough women take on Nafisa, Collier and Yukon tonight last night colleagues number retired at incarnation word tonight, Geno, Auriemma and company will take on the lady Billiton's struck by how discipline they are. And you know, they may not make every shot and they're not the biggest team we've played this year. And there's some things that obviously we have advantages that they they don't have. But I think when you play a team like Saint Louis, it's not going to be this just run up and down to see who scores the most points. So I know we've got some work to do it. If we wanna win Mizzou, meanwhile and action against UT Arlington. Now, the men in Colombia at seven o'clock baseball news, we will be heading to the winter meetings this weekend. In Las Vegas earlier today. Derek Gould, the car don't speak writer for the post-dispatch reporting that according to sources cardinals have had talks with the Diamondbacks involving star first baseman, Paul Goldschmidt. Batra Corbin lands with the Washington nationals one of the big first free agent dominoes to fall. In addition to Josh Donaldson who signed with the Braves last week for the latest follow Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It came like sports. I'm Chris Rabi. Well, there are still even though it's December and snow is falling. There are still dozens of families and you'll Fallon Illinois area. That are looking to hire movers because they are about to buy a home it might be December. But people are still building and buying homes. And so what they all need is an incredible Bank. That's going to help them. Find the best mortgage possible. That Bank is First National Bank of Waterloo. The one of the leading originators of mortgage loans in the Fallon, Illinois area. And one of the reasons is the loans are serviced locally. It's really all about the staff and their mentality. When it. Comes to working with you. You can actually walk in and talk to a real person about your mortgage loan..

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