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Big? Brother like. Horn Michaela man. Pops test positive. Cove it covert? Now Joe Joe we going into straight conspiracy theories ml. mckelway trains same Jim at the same time by the same coach and spaw. Stevenson, WHO's on the car gem Anderson who's on the car? Oh Shit. who else was over there Is Breaking News Troy Eisley who's on the car. So but. That's important. Drink said like the whole team is negative, right? 'cause, that's the thing that came in. My mind is a wall if she's supposed to. One was being in. This thing has been crazy, so it's like. You. Don't show symptoms now and then you could show him later. It's crazy. They're site crazy. How does she have I? Show my girl instagram like I follow like. How does he have coach? She's been spa here in the like. She has absolutely no songs meanwhile sweat. That's is. Strong Constitution think that tells you something interesting about the virus also read, so we talking about a highly contagious virus and stuff like that. She's in a gym like twenty four seven right now with them like you say, she's aging the some bags, sweating and everything so those guys are not positive, but she's so. How contagious is that virus that we've been? Surrey. We've been told very. Listen and I'M GONNA go, I remember I was. Proud his. Dramatic where, but we? Don't have any symptoms and you still transmit. Maybe she encountered that kind of person you know. The crazy thing is like she's trained around all African. Americans and we supposed to be known as she got it. She trained with being with the real. Big Baby should cost leaving. Her trainer is come over and she the one pop when allegedly the number say sixty percent African American and Latinos are the ones contracting. The virus. To I think what it tells us is that we're still learning about me that virus. We still don't have all the info. We still don't really know how that works. How easy you get contaminated, so it's interesting, but. Nassar's. Research what? I mean. You say Yo. Low Mike Low Mike. Low Mike. something. Audio settings because his, he got to go up to it now, so this is active. Your mic is active, but you you not. Don't you doing some different physically witted too, so as far as the hair you. My other Mike had gone sums going on, but Yeah. This is the ten dollars, John. Be honest like when you guys like. If you were her corner, tell her to take another test. Because like isn't some of these tests like showing positive in their own. Money on the line. Let me get another one real quick. Let me tell you, sir, that's why I said this. The conspiracy right because do. Enrica few weeks ago, put for untitled the Tarzana thing and his. y'All. How to five people in your? Test negative and she doesn't so. That's what I'm saying. That's the conspiracy. She showing no signs. She's hitting the same bags or the tests wrong. Just like the President of You Remember Emeka you looking at me with this blank face. Because not. PUTS video. The turned him motor oil you. It came back positive, so that's what I'm saying. That's the consensus and by the way vice versa. There have been tests that show that somebody was negative when they were actually positive, so. Right. It's confusing. No thought it was conspiracy theory I thought your theory was I- oldest is how she's pulling out of a fight. You know what I'm saying. How the what I mean even though I'm not. Did say that her opponent was like really good right. I don't know I heard. that. We heard. But we don't know Helen Y'all but I actually actually. Yo because there is a real conspiracy for real I'm Gil Instagram for real. What if you right? What did you write? The whole team is clean and not you let me show you who she bought the fight this remind me Alejandro Hernandez I forgot to tell you. What's this shit? Show me her lynn. Is Helen. Joseph I, remember. They told US history go oh my God. I remember. They told US last week. y'All she's dangerous and I'm like man what I went to see this girl of looking at. She's dangerous. She's dangerous. Guy. And look at what she says. Look, look. At this poll snow, 'cause already stalked the for like twenty years her life on instagram already ninety huff post say they WANNA fight me. They duck in me. That's what her posts say, but but she looked like she ready to murder something Owais. She got a nice. Bra giant sheet taking people out. and Yo I'm senior for the first time right now..

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