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They're not guarding him. So it just be draymond. Green your ten feet off the screen. And then he sets a screen for seth curry. And you're like well. That's nice like seth curry just made a floater and shot along to like like. I don't seth curry like the guy was a six man or seventy man on the mavs less. I and then okay. So do that for tobias well tobias and banner very often defended by size players so teams will just switch that and i just so so the other the other simmons stat that is really interesting in the regular season. Ben simmons ran sixteen pick and rolls per one hundred possessions that's medium volume for a player like him but it was like part of the deal they would post them up and embiid would come screen around the block and that was like a little funky pick and roll. They could run in the playoffs. He's running seven point five. Pick and rolls per one hundred possessions. That's like nothing against the hawks through two games. He's run seven. Pick and rolls in the irish help you. I mean if you're on a floor during an nba playoff game. You can accidentally walk into six pickles into games. I mean that's that's yeah you know and and i just think the pendulum at that point has swung too far to. He's just doing nothing in the dunker spot and you know look they make it work because embiid is that good because he makes these baletic baletic belletti whatever ballet three fading away a lodge one post upshots. That are ridiculous. But you have simmons in the dunker spot. sometimes you have also on the floor and two the sixers credit. The table simmons embiid trio. Which feels like. It shouldn't work because there's just not enough shooting around and beat it's been really good in the playoffs and the regular season. it's just sometimes gets clunky. There's a possession. Game two. And simmons had lou williams on the dunker spot and they need to look at him they just screwed around and took along to and the other thing is if he's got a guard trae young right. They have the opportunity to get that match up on the other end after stops. And that's what. Ben did so well in the first round against washington when they had all these little guards defending them the whole game when they get a stop he would say. I've got a small guy on me. I'm going hard right in his face. And that's the way i wanna see. Ben simmons her trae we keep talking about. These teams can't entree young. The knicks don't have the personnel dany. Green is about a safe as a hiding place as it gets. You run a couple of the industry and actions like if they get that match up for a second in semitransition. Ben simmons has ball his ass over and get a duck. I just feel like the pendulum has swung too far to ben. Simmons doing nothing even with his defensive contributions which are enormous. I i think there's some splitting of differences to do here and one is an and they used to do this in the regular season. I haven't seen her a lot of sort of what i call the old korry magaji sets right where you know. Maybe it's harris. Maybe it's it doesn't matter who it is down screen for. Ben comes flying up the corner curling and catching the ball on the move at the elbow. Going no drills right right to because he can catch you can catch at ten feet on the go. And who the hell's gonna stop that right. And i think that's the sort of sort of bowling ball. Plays as i like to call them and mcgee was always great at running them when i used to watch a lot of their games and i. I think that you know that has been done. Effectively for ben simmons in the past and it's just get him the ball on the move especially if it's not a transition game the obviously look if the sixers can get really good stops on a regular basis. He is the single best accelerator of good defense into transition offense in the league outside of maybe janas right and he'll always be exceptionally useful in a game when that is happening. But i i think i'm with you like in the it can't just be as you say sitting in the dunker hoping for something they probably should precipitate a couple of things that are easy to do and again. He's got decent hands he can catch on the go and once he catches on the go. There's nobody in that hawks defense who's on collins it will. We've talked about. John collins If charles berkeley's nickname. Anthony davis street clothes which i didn't i love charleston. I didn't think those nineteen fair i. I'm surprised basketball. References already. not listed like dunker spot. Benny is ben simmons nixon. He's just there all the time doing nothing. Which is not nothing because he can cut an offensive rebound anyway. The other thing about phillies game two is the perfect representation of this. I just. I never know what this bench is going to be and shake milton's our rotation and she comes and saves there s and game two with a flurry a proverbial flurry a plethora of crazy shots. And the i just. I don't know how you feel about this. I just i just don't feel like george hill has impacted their team as much as i thought he would. He's like a good player he he. He blew up a h. o. In game two of the beautiful steel and take coast-to-coast a rake intake. Is.

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