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He had a lot of questions and things like that and So we didn't even know each other then, but we were kind of going through some sane. Some same questioning times in our lives and so when I met him, that was really you know great our conversations about those things we're really great I was surrounded. Dillard University. Still had like a year and a half left and. Wasn't really hanging out with anybody but was Christian neon probably Said said they were Christians. Just You know I can't tell you that they tell you what they actually believed. So I started going to church there that I thought well, I'm a baptist I'll go to a Baptist church you know and It was one of those deals where they were greeted at the door. Oh, you coming from university that's great or whatever, but never was invited to a thing. Now it was very distracted I go to worship and then leave. So that was the. thirsting for discipleship that point and so sadly, I I couldn't connected in the church easily. Intimidating being young and coming in by yourself with us for some. I've actually gone to church on my own And so I did start going to the local Christian bookstore looking for. You know like books that I could learn more from an Boy I didn't realize. You know just so naive bet. You need the sermon Christian Bookstore. You know they were just so many of the very first book I bought. It was on the table that said local authors. Love, to support a local author, you know and learn about God at the same time. This is great, but it really challenge my beliefs. That book did. It was written by woman. Berry. Wimsatt Co. you know easy to read, but she came from a more. PENTECOSTAL. Pentecostal background he's talking about a totally different level of faith like. It's like a second blessing kind of thing or whatever, and so I had a lot of questions. And I think that led me to get into more the allergy books because I wanted to learn more about. What other people believe in how this all? Your, where's this coming from scripture with scripture saying here. And.

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