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And the us on fire suddenly the canons raise the marci ban stands up and blasts or fires of foam across and then then then they respond in kind but that's literally were i was going raise thing and the same thing with the in battle the marching rather the percussion they change shape so i was saying like hasley like it's like transformers so they'll they'll the idea that you can change your actual architecture in order to best the other team that's that's what i'm bringing the woman who's flipping the symbols around it's like total martial arts shoe you know martial arts so again what i bring which i think ultimately gives you what it was what it is and how it transcended people went to see it because they enjoyed seeing a selfish kid learn to become a team player right right and and i pat myself on the back just because it's a total coup against all black cab a black college like it's a quote unquote a black movie yet it wasn't right it wasn't definitely transcended that in in so many ways i mean we we have to talk about nick cannon works draws bills but i mean i mean a phenomenal performance in that film and that was his debut film i believe is that right is that who's i like i made his debut feature because obviously been doing tv and he a huge nick star we we know that we were kind of in that range of growing up with him as as a as a knick star and but i mean i i mean we talked about this on the podcast already but it was such a great performance but we were kind of interested in in hearing you talk about like working with nick at that time because it was his first big film which i imagined was a big deal to him and in a way he kind of had something to prove his character has had something to prove well actually i'm really glad you brought that up because based on what we were just discussing it fits perfectly in that that that that thought pattern which is that nick had the he had a combination of things he had this boyish enthusiasm funny guy but he had this boy shenice thing and then coupled with that is he had a little bit of an edge which would be construed as you know all he's he had to the sort of ghetto thing whatever not how i would say it but i'm saying people look at like he had to urban the urban presentation or the urban facade and or is remember when we were looking at him and he was up for the role think some of the executives said you know and he's got a little bit of an edge to which is nice you know and i agree i mean is corny as it sounds but typecasting but he had that but he had a boyish aspect and to me that's similar to what we're discussing which is that despite this movie taking place in a quote unquote all black environment with all black cast it has a universal spine to so the boyish ness of of nick when i met him and isn't doozy azam was something that connected to me because i something else i look for and characters and especially male characters is the little kid in the boyish nece and again it's universal women as well but most the moves i've done tend to have a male protagonist except for say step sisters and lila knee viola davis but yes so that made him i think even more acceptable to the mainstream because that's what that's that's that came burst not his blackness right and it was really apparent and he was so wrong the role i remember he came to the hotel and for like a final meeting and he he just like whatever i gotta do you know dove i really want to do this he's just so excited and and he just brought it energy and he got the role and yeah and it just it ended up working and you know again use the beginning actor so there were certain things to certain muscles yet to really exercise and figure out but again he was so open for it right and so.

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