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Don't know from the fourth letter of Captain. Mark landlubbers are conditioned to believe that the originators of an idea deserve exclusive rights to it. But these innovators are nothing but privateers granted a monopoly by the crown. Potential inventors are restricted from using their own property and forced to navigate a wilderness. A prohibited ideas these pattern. Monopolies are intellectual colonization this alliance of means between the crown and the private tears is not an alignment of ends. Both collude establish a permission culture in which everyone second guesses their own thoughts. Never sure which. Ideas are permissible to develop but their objectives are different. The crown aims to cripple dissenting opinion while privateers will only be satiated when all new ideas already fall under their monopoly. This scheme does not protect our information but seizes it and denies US access. The future belongs to individuals who think speak freely to create and share without reservation. Join the conversation at pirateswithoutborders dot Com free talk live. How dare you and who do you think you are? I mean it's my life. It's my business. I should be able to run how I want to and my customers should be able to make the choice for themselves as to whether or not they want to do business with me and should be able to make that choice based on the quality of my product or my reputation or the fact that I've got third party certification or whatever factors they deem important if I'm doing business and you don't trust me or you think I'm shady then you don't have to do business with me in fact you can tell other people what you think about my business in my practices and maybe they also will join you and not doing business with me with. There's no need for government regulations out there. The marketplace can handle third party certification of various different products and services to where people who are concerned about whether or not the business they're dealing with this trustworthy contract with a verifiable resource that indeed. This is a trustworthy individualized trustworthy company. That you're doing business with free. Talk Live seven nights a week from seven to ten eastern live on the Liberty Radio Network at L..

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