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Baker's square plies online today at Baker's square dot com America and about the net at traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly it really is a matter of life or death at the forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center the dense fog advisory we've been talking about all morning expires in a little less than a half hour ten o'clock this morning partly sunny for your Christmas Eve high of fifty three partly cloudy overnight low thirty four and for Christmas day partly sunny continued unseasonably warm and a high of fifty four that fog may be moving out but it's still causing some problems at both o'hare and midway airports the FAA earlier issued a ground stop because of the fog and that means hundreds of people still struggling to find flights that will get them where they're going Cheryl's breeding is at midway I tried to do it online and that was the wait the phone was a hundred and nine and one man is dead after a chase early this morning that started when police say he hit a woman at a gas station it happened at the ninety one hundred block of south stony island when the man was seen beating up the woman officer saw the incident and tried to stop the car but the driver took off then it crashed into three parked cars a few blocks later the forty year old man driving the car was later pronounced dead the woman remains in stable condition president trump was talking to troops on this day before Christmas via video conference he connected with troops in five units deployed across the globe because if.

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