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There are a mo- g like add not aim more at thank you is like, you know, when a mode I came there was a Moby Dick that was like a movie, right? Yeah. I didn't like that. I think people are like, oh, that's clever. Oh, do you. Your want me to buy it not going to buy it. That's that's a funny chuckle, plus the ink, you know, the print that in color. I thought you're going to play those may wailing. Oh, well, that's that's something to consider their fry Moby Dick Moby Dick novels written in wailing printed in wailing swelling giving right? Maybe the squids. Maybe you think they ever did? In addition of Moby, Dick as Scrimshaw gap. Probably there's like a bag of Scrimshaw somewhere that long. Like a room of Scrimshaw, probably in nice, Tim wanna thank you for bringing up. Another one my tips, which is routine. Yes, you have to get into a constant routine with writing. Now, I'm not always good at this thanked me for bringing up your routine by asking what do you do? I don't think you do anything. So what I do do. Is I work out of a writing space? I have a it's not a private space, but it's like a co working space. But it's only for writers. See you have somewhere to go every day. I have somewhere to go every way every day. You have to get dressed. I have to get dressed. Yeah. Like, I'm not. And again, I'm jealous to these people. But there are some people. They're like, oh, I, you know, working pajamas all day if I do that for even like half a day. I feel worthless. I it doesn't make me feel comfortable. I don't like it. So I like getting dressed brush my teeth going to the bathroom most people should brush your teeth and go to the mill these people lot of stayed home writers..

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