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Everyone this is Kelly to broaden talking politics which is part of the cast family of podcast and I am on with my co-host Sophie. Hey Sophie Hey Kelly and joining us. Today is Dr Sophia Yen. She is the CEO and Co founder of Pandya Health and also a clinical associate professor at Stanford heard. Hello Dr Yan. Hello and thank you for having me. Yes so we are excited to talk to you so maybe just to sort of frame the conversation if you could tell us a little bit about you and how you came to be founding and CEO of Pandya Health. Yeah so. I am a pediatrician. That specialize in teenagers so I did double the years of training just to specialize than what we call sex drugs rock and roll a little sports medicine in some acne and being a academic clinical associate professor at Stanford Hanford. I had to pick an area to choose but just my passion has always been women's rights reproductive rights and specifically birth control preventing unplanned pregnancy. The preventing sexually transmitted infections and more recently minute passion is. I'm all about hashtags has had a period optional and and letting anyone who bleeding one week out of four no that that is optional and we now have the technology turn that off and how much better would like be without without random blood one week out of four hitting you in random places at random times love it and How kings have become the CEO and Co founder of the only woman founded women lead? Dr Founded Dr Lead Birth Control troll delivery Company was I was giving a talk much doctors. Why don't those Pesky women and their birth control and one of the top reasons glove? We didn't have time to run to the pharmacy. Go get it and my friend and I were like. It's two women. We all saw this. We will ship it to him in and keep shipping it to them until hill. They tell us to stop. And then when we ran ads for free birth control delivery sixty percent of the women. That responded didn't have a prescription either expired fired or they never had one to begin with and I'm a doctor. I can write prescriptions so we added in a synchronous telemedicine where you just a lot of questionnaire. Same questions I'd ask you to came into my office. You know what medical problems you have given your blood clotting disorders with drugs have you tried like you know etcetera etcetera and Mana and Self reported blood pressure Selfie a government. Id to prove that you are who you are and then our doctor looked at it. If it looks good we write the prescription billet Tier Insurance and pharmacies and to your door set it and forget it what happened. Yeah health worries. And you don't have to so doing that. Because it's kind of culmination of my life's work. Is You know helping women make their lives better. So what type of control are available with Pandya health. Yeah so the beauty of Penny health is that we are a pharmacy so we carry all the birth control pills patches and ring. There's pretty much nothing that we don't carry. There may be a specific generic bran that we don't carry because our pharmacy doesn't have that contract. But I would say ninety nine point nine nine nine percent. We've got you covered. And we take all insurance except for Kaiser and we're working on Medicaid in different states cause some states deep have one medicaid for the whole state. So that's easy contract. But if they have is a California a different Medicaid for every single county then you have to deal with like fifty different counties and we are all about access so we want to get those medicaid contracts so we basically are services free if you have on an existing prescription at a pharmacy. You just tell us where that and we move it from that pharmacy to our pharmacy. We bill your insurance ship it to your door and then we also conclude a goody every month so sometimes it's height you very popular and now it's gotten colder. We're GONNA be chocolate which I'm excited about Gear Delis it's peppermint Bark as well as sea salt caramel and mint and then We also Provide information from other female founded founded female lead companies Were sending out some makeup By I think it's pocket pals. Forgive me forgetting the name wrong but it's you put it in your person so if you're an emergency emergency needed a little lipstick or Mascara or some rouge. It's already in there in this little pocket pal. I believe we've also given out. Feminist pins condemed Wyndhams a free subscription amid magazine a discount off of my friends vibrator the most Internet of things vibrator if you WANNA check that out lioness I mean company uh-huh so and all that is free The only thing you have to pay for is if you do need a doctor's appointment we absolutely prefer you use your doctor or your provider but if is not we WANNA make sure women have access and so in California and Florida and soon to be Texas and soon other states as soon as we get that going. It's twenty nine dollars once a year. Air To use our doctors reliability legal and all that and you have accessed relearn sixty four days to our passionate excited academics. And so as I'm listening to you say that this is all about making things easier for women I am struck by how many of the reproductive laws that we are seeing being passed around the country are seemingly designed to make life harder for women to make things Accessing healthcare harder to make things like making personal autonomous choices harder. What are ways that we could be? Better advocating four four laws. The that do exactly what you're talking about that make access to things easier instead of harder. That puts choices and decisions back in the hands of women doctors. Instead of lawmakers I think with the current administration and the current people that are in power in the Senate. It is dark times for anybody with a uterus and I don't understand the Republican Party when they say they want small government. They want to get into your bedroom into your uterus My favorite frayed my uterus my choice nor uterus your choice and this country it is about freedom of religion and even amongst the same religion Catholics for choice. They believe that you listen to your conscience and your connection with God what is through your conscience and what God wants you to do with your uterus And not from some outside force telling you what to do so I I love that attitude attitude and I love the diversity that this country represents and I don't think one religion should be pushing a view on another religion and I think that reproductive rights needs to be seen and as bodily autonomy and freedom of religion as equality. I if I'm not here to be your breathing cow how you know and if somebody rapes me that doesn't give him the right to my body and to grow whatever he wants to grow inside my body my body my choice oyster your body your choice so What our company does is unfortunately needed? I would love a world where our company isn't needed it though not for our investors but just that everyone had access all the time but we also bring birth control to wherever you have Internet in the mailbox. So it's about care convenience and more importantly confidentiality so you can't be slut shamed so that you have access people who live two hours away from the nearest clinic. Two hours away from the nearest pharmacy. People who worked two jobs and don't have time to run to the silly pharmacy. Go get their medication or even in Liberal California where I'm located gated you walk in the pharmacy. Your comes in after sees you there and then the Pharmacists Sophia your birth control and then your boss knows and and then everyone else behind. You knows nosy. Nancy then tells your entire village you know so I think this is the future for Medicine and from the policy side. What would help us is to One for the public. I don't think they realize this has come up. A Lot. Is these p. b. m.'s. Pharmacy benefits managers. If you guys haven't covered this before They are a monopoly and they control the mail order and brick and mortar pharmacies overseas. And they're squeezing out any possible new innovation competition but also the Independent Pharmacy They make people signed contracts that that make them lose money. which is crazy? Talk though when you signed a contract with CVS or care mark or something like that and you're a small independent pharmacy. They'll give you wolf. Oh for this drug. We'll give you ten dollars for this drug. We'll give you five dollars and some of them. You make money but some of them you lose money and I'm like how can they force they don't force worship take it or leave it but how can they even give you a contract wherein you lose money and and that's that's the sad part. We're seeing a ton of independent pharmacies. Die Why because of these monopolies and the government is not aware of them and I was on a call with the newest youngest congressman. And he's out there to reform reform pharmacy and he didn't know about pharmacy benefit managers and I was like. Oh please educate yourself and get people who know stuff right. So that's the other small matter. Week is telemedicine laws. So the question is what is defined telemedicine who is allowed to do Telemedicine tele-medicine and interstate licensing or physicians. So we answered this to take a national exam for the American Board of Pediatrics. The actress and I shouldn't be practicing pediatrics. Any different in California than in Florida Than Maine or whatever but I need to get licensed in all fifty fifty states or a big portion of it if I want to practice telemedicine and I'm happy to pay the fees if I have to but to fill out all these forms and and get certified by every state is absolutely ridiculous so we we need to reform that and then the other thing is whether or not Insurance Company wants to reimburse different types of telemedicine so ours is a store and forward method where you capture the information and then you Ford it. It isn't by phone isn't by video and we like that for the convenience and the confidentiality But some people consider that telemedicine some people say is explicitly not telemedicine. Some people say you can't prescribe unless you physically seen the patient but If you were to come into my office I wouldn't do anything anything differently. I would ask you these questions. I would check your blood pressure and medications so to make it invalid or not legal is decreasing people's IOS access to birth control and same thing going with specific laws against abortion pill. That's not my company but I have a lot of friends in that field and and they're facing specific log going after them. So as I was looking through this sort of process of how you get control with India It made me think about how it's a lot of it is sort of a formality and it made me wonder about sort of the ongoing. I'm going to be. It's over whether birth control should be a prescription medication or be available over the counter. And I've heard until recently it was mostly Asli People on the left. Who wanted to see it be available over the counter but recently there's been sort of pushed back on that Where people are saying well but then insurance companies could up not to cover it? So I'm wondering what you think about birth control as a prescription medication and whether how you think we can resolve that kind of dilemma. Yes I think. It's unfortunate that the Democrats and those who believe an access to birth control do not want it to go over the counter because they're they're afraid insurance won't cover it so the solution is not to not let it go over the counter. The solution to pass a law that you will cover it right and that is what has been done under the affordable care act any. FDA approved method of birth control for women have to be covered.

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