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Yeah he's exceptionally. Yeah like I do like the imagery for team. When new is introduced kingpin a bunch of flags in the Background Reich? Both the show that doll patriotic their swords and guns The war but kingpins a faulk terrible and it just I mean. I didn't catch imagery when I read this last time. But now it now that looking at it again not to really cool imagery kind. Yeah I would agree. Yeah this is. This is very much like the first time to that. We're seeing Matt Murdock. Daredevil soup because up until this point in the four issues previous to this he was just all we were seeing Matt Murdock. Yeah it's not really A. It's not really a daredevil story just a Matt Murdock Story for the most part of the reason. I didn't like it as much like my heroes in there. I mean yeah. It's definitely one of those like where it's trying to develop more of the character than the actual hero Ami Yup. I know what I mean the Hosa. You have him working at a soup kitchen diner. We're GONNA Diner Matt Murdock. His and when they have dropped down and they're just telling him you know go go kill everybody or I mean they give them some bullshit and he just like okay compels jumps off. Just start blowing a New York Which is like. I thought. That was cool when you start. And then he s he. I mean he fights nuke like jump from the helicopter we have mentioned earlier and takes an crashes a helicopter with new right because he figures the only way to stop them is to actually just kill them but somehow nuke survives the crash and then as you pointed out many times on the show is that New York is in that big play like you can drive from one end to the other pretty fast like it's every. Yeah there's no traffic Chitaun superheroes on the island. So of course the avenger show up because it's like Oh shit. There's this huge like hey it's Nuke as an on the helicopter when that happens. daredevil actually steals nukes gun to shoot down the helicopter okay. He's a murderer within. Oh but it's me of taking New York drive across a long time. If you ask the Guy Harrison it took him forever to ski down going eighty miles an hour to get wherever you're going so I'm someone got that Joe just you so okay. I really liked this lashes like this last covering you have kept America on the cover in new daredevil. I bought discover right away not even knowing it was the second apparent just because it had had my guy. I got on it two thirty to cover but I think the two thirty three is my lifetime. Recover just itself basic compared to the rest Emma captured American of autism cap. American is one of my favorite characters so true it just it I just find a like beliefs. Dangerous thing out of dire on sny stands out from either. I don't know I would agree that I don't personally like any of the covers. They don't stand out but they're not have ad I have one and throws his mind you she. Oh I can't remember if it ally okay. That's the first part. The second very specific as reminded me out but I do like when you have daredevil nuke fighting all of it is just pretty damn cool. Look at part. Until like Captain America airmen anthem shows up. It just feels to like Mac enough for me like it just feels like they popped out of nowhere. You get it. It's just alley. Yeah it's just such like a personal leg daredevil story until that point and it just felt like I just felt like he should've just like tied things up by himself. I mean yes and no I kinda like how they act when they get there. They're very stern and with them. It's a cool scene but it just felt a little unnecessary just because of how personal story is until that happens. Yeah and like there's so much like growth than him like becoming daredevil again like that also. One per love is Few issues earlier when he is like training in the gym where his dad trade drained. Oh Ya Anne. Before he gets stabbed I think yeah earlier. I did you guys enjoy the part when the avengers show up and Captain America says okay go you will be the one escaping. I loved that game still still have it but I did like the part. Where like you have an iron man for shows up and he just puts out his repulsive rate. He's like back away. You have five seconds down and like to like that. Seen a lot but leg again. I just felt like it was kind of unnecessary for them to be there. It should have just been captain America. It shouldn't have been captain America Thorpe. Yes it actually pretty bullish America there because do just feels like anti Captain America. One hundred feels like completely warped version of them on fast. What he is basically. I don't even think thor has any lines does he. Kinda you just causes the rain. So that like the fires go out. That's it okay. So he hasn't practice he just purpose there but he says and just here's a line that has in the one panelist with or is it steadily. It's raining so hard. It hurts everybody who can fall silent. And that's the only thing had anything to do with other than writing that's ever so for the rest grow. Yeah I would say you know what takes four out and keep captain American ironman their iron man for his one liner and Captain America. For what happens after this fire you know like firemen firemen firemen only four tower or firemen. Here just get the help to like. Do a clap. I did and if you didn't have enough naked Kingston you get another seat of a bunch of making men sitting in us in a sweat room or how they call. It's a steam room. Okay the fact that you have the the Old Dominion with Him who are all part of the part of his group who are like. Yeah you really need to stop chasing from everything going to lead the damn guy alone and he ends of choke in the guy out apparently him and all his mob bosses like to go to the steam room together. Like it's such a weird place to beat up but I guess it's what they do. I mean you are working out or whatever in your with your boss I mean I can kinda like it's a little. It's a little weird. I am fine with A. Yeah I mean maybe this was more of a relevant thing in the eighties than we know. I don't know I don't know. I do like the scene when Captain America shows up and he finds Matt Murdock and he knows Matt Murdock is there. I did like that. Because he's in tracking him. Yeah I thought that was cool and then when Cap America ends up taking the paper where it goes to the General. And he's like who is. This man has been there trying to be like. Yeah you don't understand captain things are. I can't tell you like I really liked that scene. There saw where leg. Daredevil is like the worst superhero keeping a secret identity. Like there's some panel where it's just daredevil. Like a Halloween party or something and he just has like horns on stirred that says. I am not daredevil. Asking that issues not great. Yeah that that scene. You're talking about low. Mike I think what the Lawrence Theoretic Christmas party. It's it's actually are done by. I forget who does it? Actually known. A- notes from Lake isn't from Mark Wade's from. Yeah from ways. No but the senior talking about Mike. Where Captain America's starts? He wants to do a background. Check on new can find out where he came from. Basically and the dude is like you know. It's not a big problem. Captain that if I was even allowed to tell you you wouldn't worry about it. And he that just doesn't sit well with Captain America which is why love Cap Mirka like he goes in there he bus down he finds out like hey guys know who this guy and he ends up going in there and finding new quiz part of the Super Soldier Program after he was many hours later. Project rebirth I think it's called Going capture knew it was all Kinda and they're devils trying to get nuke to tell him or two amid.

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