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When it comes to news and things to talk about and talk radio. Not this year. No. And with all the heavy stuff. We've got going on within this. There's this new exciting idiot factor. That's getting so much attention in the house of representatives. And of course, I'm referring to the one in the only. Alexandria cost me, a cortex who allegedly graduated with honors, you know. And now, she's a sitting congresswoman or will be very soon. Well, this graduate from Beantown university made the comment that he waits to the political fluff of the year. And we haven't really had one yet as the year's almost over. But now we have one we have on the political fluff of the year for elected public servant. Oh, goodness. She was immediately criticized for her basic lack of governmental knowledge in response, she came up with a very sick sort of. I would say sexually twisted shot at those that criticized and corrected her stuff is straight out of one flew over the coup whose nest kids, and we have the audio. Of course, we have the audio because we are Cam, Jay. It would be any other way. Right. And then here comes Adam Schiff who's been tweeting terrible things about the president for two years every day day in and day out twisted disrespectful. Vitriol taken for granted every day that you're going to get this embarrassing stuff from Adam Schiff, right? Will the president's had a little bit of your left. He's done with this stuff. All of this outrageous stuff from his little, man. And I say.

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