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And so I can't. I gotta do business a different way. And I'm not gonna be able to buy corn and harvest and So you know, I'm just gonna have to. I'll try to figure out another way to make it work and that I just don't have the capital and I don't have the bank line to go buy it from the farmers. And Willard Cooper's told me this story 40 years later, and he said that to three days later Gets a check in the mail for a million box. And it was from my grandfather who prepaid feet, So we'll go to the growers by the corn, Put the corn and then sell it to him. Got him going again. When we opened the Grand Island plant, Willard Cooper came to see me had never met. My grandfather said he wanted to be the The guy with the first capital into the into the plant on told me this story. I've told that story a lot. It's It's hard to believe in a world like we have today that anybody ever do that on you've just been listening to Dick Monfort, and he's just about choking up over the stories of his grandfather. On the end as fathers and grandparents we could either be told stories about us like that or not, it all has to do with how we live. And great job is always to Joey into Alex Cortez for bringing us that piece and a special thanks to the Daniels fund and all of their help, sponsoring and supporting his show their ethics initiative. Well, they talk about things like this regularly and the principles that undergird their ethics initiative, integrity, trust, accountability, transparency, fairness, respect by ability and rule of law. And all of these things were important. You heard about fairness again and again in this story, and you heard about respect. I mean, what a thing to do for a person front them the capital. First of all you trust right? There's a lot of trust going on there to be able to run two person a million dollars ahead of time. And then my goodness, this the respect of that guy situation and doing something about it. The story of Dick Monfort and the story of his family here on our American story. Hi. I'm.

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