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Now america's now one show on pop culture and politics this is thumb michael medved show and there a great day and this greatest nation on guns green earth a great nation but at the moment i greatly divided nation about one amount tom president trump above all things there is a new survey that his stunning which shows that president trump has been able to affect french ships and is it his haul railing or is it the fault of people on the left in particular who say that they could not even be friends with someone who was a trump supporter and this is an amazing thing it is a pew research center survey which aaron blake writes in the washington post that it shows how remarkably tribal and partisan our politics has become and he says when it comes to trump it's difficult overstay just how tribal the left is and how much dis taste donald trump engenders indeed that is taste apparently extends even the people who decided they might like to vote for trump the poll shows that almost half of liberal democrats netflix 47 percent say that if a friend supported trump it would put a strain on their friendship his in that unbelievable why and more educated democrats are even more likely to feel that it's tough to even be friends with a trump supporter the democrats are actually substantially less able to countenance friends who supported the wrong candidate only thirteen percent of republicans say a friend's support if hillary clinton would strain their relationship so in other words i look i i know plenty of people most of the people i know voted for trump i know plenty of people who voted for hillary clinton and that's probably true for most of you including folks who feel very strongly and very passionately about about president trump is it is it uniquely difficult for people on the left to accept someone disagreeing with him on this either it appears to be why would that be if you you're someone on the left where were you agree with that sentiment you would find it difficult to maintain of friendship with someone who isn't as he asked equally supporting donald trump if that is true for you give us a call one eight hundred nine five five.

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