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I heart radio station news on Chuck Stevenson a warning about the tropical storm now hitting South Florida and what could happen Tuesday or Wednesday. Can make landfall as a hurricane here in the city of New Orleans Mayor LeToya Cantrell ordering some evacuations tomorrow of people not protected by the levee system is going down and potentially building his strength. Everyone needs to take this very seriously and estimated half million people in Oregon are facing evacuation because of wildfires has the state Office of Emergency Management. Nearly 70 active wildfires along the West Coast to produce the worst air quality on the planet. ABC is Alex Stone in Los Angeles. It's so gross outside. It's been this way for about a week. But today around L. A. It is especially bad. It's like a thick fog, but you walk outside, You know it's not fog. It's warm out. The smell is strong smoke. People here in Southern California are being told to remain indoors. Today it is unhealthy to breathe. Not to exercise outside and to try to avoid going outside talent by officials so far total at least 22 people killed in the West Coast fires In the past week. All local Michigan State University students have been asked to self quarantine immediately for the next two weeks to contain an explosion and covert cases. County health officials saying at least 342 people affiliated with the East Lansing School have tested positive. In the U. S. For Johns Hopkins University has been over 6.4 million Kobe cases over 193,000 deaths, not a hoax to this tech China There are new warnings of foreign interference in U. S elections. Microsoft says it detected and stopped a Siri's of cyberattacks from hackers in Russia, China and Iran, including what it says were unsuccessful attacks on people associated with both the Trump and Biden campaigns. Echoing concerns of election interference back in 2016 and remember ABC NEWS Washington Listening to ABC News Okay, so good news.

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