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Need to take others down to make themselves feel better but emily you and i know that this can be it could be dangerous isn't just a hurt fuelling i mean no no i get death threats all the time i've been getting death threats since i was thirteen years old and i just part of me just doesn't carry that you know the first time i got a threat that was like i'm going to put our your family and right they're dead bodies while i make you watch i was thirteen that freaked me out and what to do and i let it get to me was hard yeah i mean i could see what gets you because it's messed up it's so nice stuff the other thing is is that you know w empowerment as a muscle i was told that once in a sounds like you've been flexing and flexing or flexing their most of your quite the empowered woman but always seems like it's at a price is this whole thing worth it 100 percent every day you know i have made some of my best friends through this work all over the world as connected with women i've heard their stories and i've gotten to know these women from history in such a deep substantial way i've gotten to dig into their papers and their writings and the details of their stories their struggles and their triumphs and every day that inspires me more and more you know reading about the first women to go to medical school makes me really grateful for the place that i'm in right now it makes me want to study that much harder and it's a joy for me to share these stories with the world you know every time someone reid said and that makes my heart girl named and that was emily temple would she's a medical student at midwestern university near chicago which is talking to charles monroe came between classes from her car the most people can name at least one famous woman scientists someone like marie curie how about the other einstein albert's first wife mileva in next week's podcast extra we'll talk with marie benedict about her bestselling novel about malaysia einstein and in the meantime here's a preview in october 20th 1890s sex zurich switzerland squaring my shoulders and willing myself to be just a little taller than my regrettably tiny frame.

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