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Here's where it will hurt. Yon is the only place hardy when you pick. You're talking about who's the best in the world or who's the goat if he ever gets in that conversation. That's when you nitpicking about a bunch of a nominal players right. They're all great. And so you look for little things. They weren't the greatest. So of is in a discussion with michael jordan. Or somebody like that. Did you say well. Jordan was the closer though to and that's where john would fall short but outside of things like that. It doesn't matter because without his thirty. Two and fifteen that he's giving them. Basically every night in the playoffs they would be in position for khris middleton or anyone else to close that's real and let's keep it real because keeps it real and i learned so much from nature when i get all complex you guys and i get ahead of mosquitoes and i start figuring things out on running calculus. Say oh let's go basic math. Watch nature 'cause sports so primal and i'll understand why people don't understand this is really primal. Let's give you this example. Because i always had this argument. I have never seen a player ever defer voluntarily on any team in my life ever. What hap- is consciously or subconsciously. You realize i got limits or that guy's better to me so because i have limits because guys better to me all of a sudden we turn that as deferring. Let me give you another example. When you're getting the car show car is sports. Every single player wants to keys. Stop lying to yourself. That's why when. Joe car you read a. Chris may have to go to the beach. Here's what you scream out. I i you ain't never heard somebody say i got back. See you know why you ain't got back. Nobody wants to be the back seat. And you know you're anthony's keys to boorda's bakar and that's to tell chris mills road with this narrative but in reality i'm the one driving for yourself and it's going to bring this entire shortage. We can't have it both ways. We spent the first twenty minnesota. Show talking about scotty pippin. Why are we talking about scotty. Pippin because he said i call shotgun. I call driver's seat. Nicole jackson was not inaba. Going you sitting in the back you inbound the ball now. We spend the whole show talking about how he is sufficient. Scotty you're selfish. Kevin durant one of the great right now calls them. Scott scott didn't want to go into the game but then you look at the flip side. Seattle seahawks super bowl in which they lost to the patriots. Cb notice game sell. Obviously you notice game. Marshawn lynch two yard line. He could have been like with y'all go ham meatball. Go sit on the bench attorney instead. He says there and acts like a proper teammate length. Russell wilson passable does an interception. You can't have it both ways so both ways this. We either can't criticize scottie. Pippen when he does it when he wants to sit down and say you know what if this team in the game. We criticize scottie. Pippen for what. We can't have it both ways because janas is being a adequate teammate. He's like hey middleton you got the hot hand you take this out drew. You got the hot hand you take the shot as me. I'm going to your point. Game seven overtime kevin durant. I believe took six out of the seven shots for the nets. Janas on the other hand set a middleton. You take the first two okay. You missed drew. You take the first next to okay. You missed your said now. It's my turn bucket flipside. Kevin durant is that it's my turn every turn and guess who lost the game went over five from the field. I'm this information sale. Oh no no. that's all. That was all in place quickly can cannot quickly tell. Y'all how nineteen ninety-three. Finals ended with the phoenix suns. Michael jordan. the great michael jordan gets the ball in the back court. Six to frank johnson garden passes the ball up to half court. Scottie pippen scottie. Pippen dribbles down the middle of the court kicks into horace grant. Horace grant dribbles toward the wing. Kicks the jim. Braxton cracks in his. I'm sorry john paxton paxton his shot wiz the game. Michael jordan wouldn't even involved in the play. Now if that happens in day to janas to lebron to co why. Paul george whoever we will be killing at least being the play but it's a teams wart jaanus rightly understands. That might try. My words think closer is not literal jordan. Knew that john paxson steve. Kerr existed for reason in became names for those clutch moments closing moments. But don't compare jordan pippen because tipping did not say. Hey i'll be your robin look there jordan. Said i ain't gonna be batman man so therefore will be robin. They'll never drove your homie somewhere. And he's a man. Can i stop for a second. Let sure you switch outlet. Get into the driver's seat. Get that number. Do you say pull around the corner. Boy get out of this. It's my car. That's how has got to look at it. We ain't with the narrative you can shoot here there. Get the number but chill this morocco coming up. The clippers survived to fight another day. We'll tell you if we were more impressed with them disappointed. In the sun as it said it in phoenix. Next up chris for your dog. Marstellar says clippers fought off nation last night behind a career high from playoff. I all the doors. One points also have some help with a combined. Forty five point from reggie jackson marcus. Morris senior devon booker even said quote. They pushed us in the face to start the game. Everybody got a plan. Totally get punched in the hands to the face can tell ourselves appealing me back wins but sell you what i talk about. Clips yeah you impressed with. The clippers are disappointed in the science. Impress with the clippers. I can't be disappointed as soon as because they're the lesser team of the two so therefore they are now starting to show their true colors about it. Too in for the clippers. Double digit wins. Two wins for the not double digit wins and one of them was valley. Play that's how they get their fifty fifty games we. We dismissed them. Do when we play our style a ball. Oh basketball guys please please. You know. I pray to the real god but also the basketball. Please please let the better team win. Because i know in the eastern conference you didn't listen to everybody's prayers. And then we stuck with milwaukee versus atlanta. What's is not brooklyn at least in the west where we do with the best. Can we please that the better team win. Because it's the clippers. Let's be real about this de'andre and i've been calling you deondraye eaten because you've been eating what happened to you were you fool. Did you look at our small lineup at thing. I got these little dudes because you didn't have these little dukes kinda quiet game for you. Ten and eleven dad's rate okay. Chris paul my dog. I'm always still dogs because only talking much performance. You know i love you. But i try to tell people when you came back there corona for real. I ask cam newton nineteen sixty. Cpt has come back. A ninety seven offensive rating for. Chris paul when he's on the floor with the sons twelve rating when he's not yet think i'll know what i'm talking about what i'm talking about. Is everything on..

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