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Of course, many of the trader Joe's products, you love are made right here in the good ole US avai, I'm in a longtime. Trader Joe's vendor in southern California. This company has been creating products for trader Joe's for decades, actually. And they make a lot of tortillas for us and some other things as well. We are a family business. My grandfather started the business second-generation took it over and ran it for a number of years recently. We've we've begun to transition to third generation. So that's you. That's me. Can you show us? What's over here? There's a great process because it really demonstrates what we're doing differently. So the henstridge tortilla it's fluffy. Right. Whereas a convention through the class. But here's a place of dough ball and individual adobo on the belt, and then some trained individuals black Sheehan's strict through the round flat shape. But if you're making tortillas from scratch at home, you're stretching them by hand until they get that fluffy or texture. Right. So that that is that then this one in particular. My grandfather started this is the one that is our best selling grandfather started thirty years and still to this day sin. Trader Joe's and still to this day. It's probably. Well, one of our best the excuse, right? I I would argue that maybe it's one of the best that Trudeau's. But that's my. Please told it for thirty years. It must be doing. Okay. Thank you. My grandfather started it, and this is still my father and his siblings that continued it and thankfully, there's something for my family to continue to help grow. My son does work here on summers. He helps box product into the master cases or my daughter who's nine shreds paper. Or does Officeworks? You got to be a little bit safer than than on the factory floor with heavy equipment moving by. But yeah, I think I think they will be involved. And I hope it's not just my children. Maybe my my nieces or nephews got employees have been here generations now right there for grandfather started with my grandfather they've continued on and I've hired some of the new ones, and it's it's it's a center of of of the area the community. So Anthony, we've been talking a lot about trader Joe's products that come from around the world. It's been really nice to be here with you kind of around the corner. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So we're in a group of lots and lots of traderjoes captains right now. This is Ben bradberry. Captain from Daly City, California. What do you if you're having a bunch of people over to watch football game or a customer comes to you with that question. What do you serve or what do you tell that customer? You're either going with the organic tortilla rounds or Janet tortilla triangles. Do you need add a little color gotta go sprouted blue amend. The organic chip differs. Gotta love a man. My name's Jamie. I'm from Atlanta, Georgia wha-. What's what's a big seller in bucket? What what moves a lot through your? We are the cauliflower store. We have so many customers that love our cauliflower gnocchi cauliflower pizza pretty much if it has cauliflower in it. We actually have an entire freezer case dedicated to our cauliflower products. It is absent I think we sold about gosh. I don't know how many units that cauliflower Nokia last week. But it is definitely popular. Hey, thanks for joining us on this trip around the world. We have a favor to ask if you would click on that free. Subscribe button, we're planning on more inside trader, Joe's episodes, and that way, you'll know when they come out subscribing free. And it's worth every penny on our next episode. I hit the road. I'll take you to the new trader Joe's on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and to the other trader Joe's mothership in Boston to talked with our crew there, by the way, most of them. Huge Red Sox fans about lots of things, including plans to open more neighborhood stores very soon. Thanks for listening. Thanks for listening.

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