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In the victim's car, which he crashed into another vehicle killing that driver do negotiations. The suspect out of the vehicle and then get him taken into custody. Green says the unidentified suspect was taken to a hospital for treatment. No word on a possible motive, the Britain's parliament has voted on eight alternative proposals for easing the UK's divorce from the European Union and rejected all of them. More votes are planned for Monday as time runs out for a deal. A series Schultz reports from Brussels EU leaders are now reaching out to British citizens who want to remain in the block the UK could end up asking for a long delay in its E. U departure European Council. President Donald tusk urges you leaders to support that and millions of UK citizens. They may feel. Sufficiency represented by day UK parliament. But they must feel that they are represented by you in this chamber because the European European Commission president JEAN CLAUDE Juncker expressed exasperation that UK plans are still unclear. Like if I were to compare Great Britain's thinks her says, the stinks would seem like an open book. The Brexit date has already slipped to April twelve at the earliest for NPR news. I'm Teri Schultz. In Brussels armed forces in ball to say they've taken control of tanker pirated by migrants rescued from waters off Libya yesterday, the ship is reportedly headed to a Maltese port after a special operations team returned control of the tanker to the ship's, captain. You're listening to NPR news. A Wisconsin man has pleaded guilty to kidnapping and holding a thirteen year old girl for nearly three months after killing her parents from member station W W M in the walkie, latoya Dennis has more. Twenty one year old Jake Paterson pleaded guilty to two counts of first degree intentional homicide and one counts of kidnapping the maximum sentence for each of the homicide charges this life. He faces forty years for kidnapping before accepting the please circuit court judge James Babbler questioned the defendant. Mr. Patterson, do you understand that by pleading guilty, you give up your right to a trial in Santa by pleading guilty, you give up your right to remain silent. Last October after spotting thirteen year old Jamie close getting on the school bus. He broke into the family home shot and killed her parents and kidnapped Jamie. She escaped in January Patterson will be sentenced in may for NPR news. I'm let's Hoya Denison Milwaukee. A lawyer for a woman accused of posing as a German heiress says his client never meant to commit a crime twenty eight-year-old. Anna Sorokin is charged with scamming people and businesses out of more than a quarter of a million dollars and pedaling thank fake Bank account statements to try to get a twenty two million dollar loan. Prosecutors say surrogate lived in luxury hotels in New York City and took lavish trips while traveling in celebrity circles until she was arrested in two thousand seventeen she now faces deportation to Germany defense attorney Todd spoke says his client took advantage of a system that easily seduced by glamour and glitz I'm Shay Stevens. NPR news in Washington. Support for NPR comes from dream wave maker of luxury massage chairs from Japan with shiatsu point detection and sixteen programmed massages, including morning night and stretch sessions retailers nationwide. More at dream wave chair dot com and the Annie.

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