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Coming up this hour. Thie. UK Government pledges money for a new trade system with Northern Ireland Post Brexit despite promising no border checks on tech Cold War president Trump bands business with TIC TAC and we Chat, 10 cents. Shares slump. New UK travel restrictions for arrivals from Belgium, Andorra and the Bahamas. And French president Macron promises to return to Beirut after pledging help for the people on Leon Garen's with world news on US stimulus talks at an impasse ahead off the U. S jobs report. That's all straight ahead on Bloomberg. Daybreak Europe on the digital Radio London Klingberg 11th Rio, New York Bloomberg 99 1 Washington, DC Bloomberg 1061 Boston No but 9 60 San Francisco serious except China, 1 19 at around the world on Bloomberg radio dot com and fired the Bloomberg business. Very good morning from London. I'm Caroline Hefner. Your listing today break you of life on London, maybe digital radio. So one of the big team stay. Will President Trump's executive orders hitting China Tech? We chat operated 10 Cent shares have been tanking. In Hong Kong trading, They dropped as much as 10.1%. That would be the equivalent of $45 billion in value. Actually, the shares only down by 5.4%. Now we'll head over to Hong Kong in just a moment for a live update. But there was also meant to be no border in the Irish Sea after Brexit, But the government in the UK is now trying to prepare traders for the end of the year. So all goods going from England, Scotland and Wales to Northern Ireland will need customs declarations, even if the government is making that new system free for users. And then also will get results from UK money managers, Hargreaves Lansdown and Standard Life Aberdeen Today we'll be hearing from the CEO of Standard Life television at half past seven. That's important certainly for UK investors to see what the scene is like in Britain. There is currently 62 AM here in London. So it is time for our data check. We check the markets for you. Every 15 minutes on rages mentioned Tech shares something in China on Hong Kong, the Asia Pacific jobs by just 9/10 of one set this morning. And in reaction to the growing tensions between China and the U. S. The Offshore Yuan is also weakening the most in two weeks, so weaker by 2/10 of 1% this hour. The dollar rallies 3/10 of 1%. The pound has also been dropping on cable, down 2/10 of 1%. The bank's England governor, Andrew Bailey, was speaking to Bloomberg yesterday afternoon. Pretty late on will bring you that interview later in the show S and P 500 in many futures. Thiss morning have been weaker this as we await us civilised news, So we're down 4/10 of 1% on the S and P 500 Many futures. The U. S stocks, 50 feet is also dropped by 2/10 of 1%. The main index yesterday dropped 9/10 of 1% on US 10 year Treasury yields this morning hover at 52 basis points, dropping 1.5 basis points. So that is a look at the markets. We checked them for you every 15 minutes about the trading day here on Blue Bag radio. We take you to our top stories. Now, Starting with the UK Boys, Johnson's government is pledging £355 million to ensure the companies can complete the paperwork needed to trade with Northern Ireland after Brexit. It comes just nine months after the prime minister promised that there would be no border controls. The Cabinet office said that a £200 million trader support service will complete declarations needed on goods. Crossing to Northern Ireland from England, Scotland and Wales and then a further £155 million will be spent on developing technology to streamline the process so that when it comes to post Brexit trade within the UK Then the Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey. I mentioned him while he says that the central bank is ready to support the UK economy through its long road to recovery. That's after the banquette interest rates on hold yesterday and release more bus projections for the U. K economy. But Bailey told Bloomberg that the risks to those forecasts are tilted to the downside. And he said that the Bank of England is ready to doom or if needed. There is a very big downside skew I think there's a lot of hard work to be done to get the economy back to where it Wass. We've had quite a rapid recovery, so I'm not surprised about us as restrictions lifted. So that was the Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey, speaking to Bloomberg. Meanwhile, boys Johnson's decision to stick by his chief a Dominic Cummings after he allegedly broke pandemic locked down rules let her sharp dropping confidence in the U. K government. That's according to a study published in The Lancet medical journal. Researches at UCL found that confidence clearly decrease in the days after the 22nd of May, when it was revealed that Cummings Decided to drive. His wife was ill and their son 260 miles from London to dime in the north of England. Now they used a survey of 40,000 people. The research is between the 24th of April on the 11th of June to ascertain that hit to confidence in the U. K government. Now on to what's happening in the U. S. President Donald Trump is moving to ban Tic TAC. Um, we chat in the US he has signed executive orders barring US residents from doing business with the apse starting in 45 days time. So the U. S sexual ST. Michael Pompeii has been calling for Chinese owned APS to be removed from US APP stores here he is speaking on Wednesday. With parent companies based in China. Absolutely tic tac. We chat and others are significant threats to personal date of American citizens, not to mention tools for.

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