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Mean crooked media is I mean this is a I'm fascinated by cook media in that straddles the line of a complete political. in-space Clear Political Action Committee and Media Company and it's it's able to do it. Yeah and they've been super successful because like their call to actions are incredibly clear like it is awesome that leading up to the election like first of all, we really good relationship with crooked do a lot of stuff with them the leading up to the election the fact that they can send people to vote save America is really cool and like all of their stuff is under one umbrella talk having a brands like their brand is really pod save and everything else sorta falls under that but like the ethos is consistent across the board. And they're willing to take a very significant stand? We're more like the majority of our content. Is, more narrative style. It's more seasonal. It's not always on it's. We're trying to provide information, and so we hope that because of that. We can bring more diverse voices. We can like sort of we're not trying to compete with the daily or today explained why we're not creating news shows recreating like smart reported stories about things that are happening now from a perspective that's balanced and journalistic in its inception but. Like it's not like we haven't newsroom. Okay, let's talk about the money side. Because you came from throwing the brand strategy side. So how you GONNA I assume you're make money by by integrating the brands. In Air. Yes. Definitely sales of what's the? I. Assume it's not just like have like a podcast network. Yes it's not that. When we started the company Jenny was supposed to make this stuff and I was like, how do we get an audience and how do we sell this stuff and it was clear to me and continues to be clear to me that developing a podcast audience is like one of the hardest things. In media period. and the way that ads are sold in podcasting are sold against audience, which makes sense theoretically. But it just means that like you can't really viable unless you're getting at least fifty thousand downloads per episode and you can't scale that unless you're selling out every single one of your ads spots and you have repeat customers, your hosts, they're really good at doing average and all these things. and. So my thought was if we're creating mission driven content and there's all these organizations out there that say that they care about women say that they care about the same things that we say we care about like let's find those dollars. They may not come from marketing departments they may come from CSSR. or HR. Or other parts of organizations and. Let's tell their story integrated into our content like I. Love branded sometime, I think done well in the right place like it can be incredibly impactful and so if we have a rapt audience and if we can help big organizations, dip their toes into the audience space creating beautiful brand content that house like an integrated feel. That's awesome. The ideal scenario is Miss Microsoft to sponsor a podcast and also promote the podcast..

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