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I find an email in the last twenty four hours that means you're worried an email you didn't want to hand over a texan actually do by the way you know because the question i came up with off the top of my very good question no no i i did did not not anybody from the trump white house contacted you has the president contact to do has anybody from trump's legal team contact and you no know has roger stone told you not to go talk to the grand jury no defying a grand jury subpoena could result in prison time for numbered cu could be charged with contempt of court but none burg appeared to dismiss the potential consequences i've once again don't want to have to spend eighty hours going over email you'd rather spanned possibly a year in jail then i'm not going to jail you think i'm going to do well maybe emma's that mrs katie turbe spoke to some number this african and joins me now sorry about that let me ask you this what is going on here in the chair falling other than the cheerful listen families it's a character and he's always been a character inside trumpworld a lot of what he says you have to confirm all of what you said he said you have to confirm some of it is is far flung and some things do result in solid reporting that can get backed up by multiple other sources he went into these special counsel in our view a about a week ago came out of it and sit on this network that it was not a witchhunt that it was a good use of taxpayer money that it did not waste his time last night i spoke to him about the subpoena and he said he was going to comply with it he never gave any indication that he would not comply with it i was summoned different 1030 eleven o'clock last night and this morning or this afternoon while i was on television the washington post reports at he's he's suddenly not going to comply and so i i called him and i and i asked why it does make it suspicious to a normal person about.

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