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Discover magazine headline was wolves Mona Lisa smile, cools, by Bell's palsy or punched in the face. The owns her is neither. But yeah, there's been bills Posey where the facial nerve is undergoing to generation. So it looks limp or someone thinks this is an academic study that was done that says the close ups shares a scar suggesting the application of blunt force. And also there are changes in the Perry, you'll area that occur when the, an teary-eyed teeth lost and a scar on Hello suggests that teeth, pissed her face. So what you're looking at someone who's been in a huge fight. Big. I think we might have set befall wasn't all that popular until it got stolen, right? And then it goes stolen. There was a big cause celebre, and they became really famous after that when it was stolen from the Leuven nine hundred eleven the number of physicists to the gallery, actually rose and people just went to look at the blank space in the wall where it had been, and it was the first time anyone ever had to queue to get into the Lou and that year nine hundred eleven was record year for the gallery an old because people just wanted to see where it used to be. Not mazing again from themselves. Kind of what stolen from by themselves from themselves because it was a guy who was working full, the Louvre, who stole it, so that had been threatening letter the year before I don't know what it said, I'm going to still you paintings or something. But. Louvre officials then hired a glazed firm to put dozens of the paintings, underclass, and one of the people working for the glazes firm, Vincent, Vincenzo Peruggia, an Italian man. He was annoyed because French, the French always insulted him. They caught him things like macaroni eater. And I know other slamming insults. And he stole it he walked out with his under his. He thought that the painting of been stolen from Italy didn't hate. Yes. That's why he thought he wanted to bring it back to his own his own Lund on. There is a theory that during the two years that he had a he made a copy of it. And then he gave back the copy to the Loof, and then he's still got the original someone who still has a hundred. There was another theory that I think this has been discounted at this point. But he was he was asked to steal it by someone else who plans to make a lot of money off it, and they made six copies, which they shipped around the world, so shift at a time when it would have been would not have been suspicious and he never wanted the actual Mona Lisa. What he wanted was for it to go missing so that he could then sell to private buyers. These six would never admit to owning it. And, and that's the plot of the most highly rated doctor who episode of all time city of death. Yeah. People have been obsessed for a long time. Even though it generates publicity, the nine hundred eleven thing in Polian for instance was enough with the painting and almost from the moment was painted Davinci knew it was a big deal. He spent something ridiculous fifteen years, working on it off is death is massively critiqued, and then in eighteen hundred Napoleon took it and hung on his bedroom wall for a few years, which I find very with the idea that he was looking at it for a few years, leave the he dated a woman, an Italian woman cooled Tereza. Good une-, who was a descendant of the real life. Mona lisa. Much ING someone taking you back to that place. They tell you to every and you'll great, great, great great, great grandmothers..

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