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Yes yes tell tell everyone here on the air I got. I got a rebuttal. Well you know you watch the ric. Flair Kerry von Erich at Texas Stadium and they drew a lot of people for that show. I I can't remember what it is but let's say it was twenty five thousand people but it's a fifty thousand seat stadium and wwe if they don't have something hot going. I mean if you are reverend and shooting with both guns you can maybe get seventy thousand. Eighty thousand one hundred thousand people into a stadium twice in a row. But if you're not doing all that well you know maybe looked. I still have faith that. Wwe could get thirty five thousand people on on two days. If their business was really bad in their creative was awful. Maybe they have trouble drawing people to Wrestlemainia and maybe that's actually a good show for some people but I think the perception of for them of having a bunch of empty seats in the background. I mean you can try to tarp that off stadium. We all know what those stadiums look like. They all do the wide shots and everything it would not be able to be hidden and I think that would hurt their pride and I think you know there are a lot of other real concerns to worry about but I think that aesthetic isn't aesthetic that they have been trying to run from for years. That's why the announce them what they do. That's why they have built. These shows up to what they have so. I think that's something when you talk about. You know if they're going to go this direction and then using the the the sizes that they take you know that's going to be something I think that even though it's very vain I think that's something they're going to probably take into account Brel. Let me tell you something. Borough following this company for a long time and. I can tell you something factually right. Now this is. This is a guaranteed. This is not a prediction. It's a spoiler here. Okay if they announce it. Next year's wrestlemainia is going to be two days with fans. I guarantee that they're gonNA book a Giant Stadium. They're not gonNA think for one second that they're only going to get thirty five thousand people each night. Well actually probably most of the company will but Vince won't he's GonNa go listen. Dow We're putting ninety thousand people both nights and they'll do every goofy thing. They'll offer tickets for free. They'll be sending people tickets with their free. W we networks. They'll do everything to get sixty thousand bodies in that building. Which then they will. It then claim there's one hundred thousand bodies and that in two straight nights on both nights. They beat the Super Bowl. I promise you now whether or not it actually works at another matter. Entirely but guaranteed. That's their mindset. Oh people think we're looking at thirty five thousand in the building. Are you crazy thinking about whether you the Alamo where they were giving away tickets for like three dollars for that Wrestlemainia? The Alamo Dome which there was a royal rumble for Sean Michaelson. Said they're going to win. Tickets like what today would be three bucks or whatever I mean they will. They will lose their minds and do something totally nutty. Because it's Vince. And he runs his show the way he's going to run his show and data and we're going to get these people in this building. You know this. I got something totally nutty for you. The navy if they decide to go in this direction that they could do you know places that actually have lard to large sized buildings near each other like in Philadelphia if you drive into Philly Lake. Whatever they see I can't remember what the respect of the few center used to be called. First Union Center the whatever their arena is but the phillies stadium is there and the Eagles Stadium. The the Lincoln the new vet or right there I forgive. Pnc parley doesn't matter wherever they call it phillies steel. You could actually if you're able to. Obviously you'd have to coordinate this with city with the teams involved in everything that time year because it would affect baseball. Obviously but you could actually run two different shows in two different buildings now. I know I'm going to get a text from somebody in production that will go. I WANNA kill you. Don't ever give them this idea. But you know that's one of those gimmicks that you might be able to pull off in places that actually have the ability to run two major league size stadiums and usually baseballwise. Football's you're going to have the seventy thousand seat stadium if you're concerned too. I mean maybe run night one if you do something like that in the phillies stadium or in the Baseball Stadium. Where Max capacity is only going to be thirty thousand people have I? You just get a big open field. Television show up with their campers claim. There's one hundred thousand people there do it for seven days and our wrestlemainia every day about that atonal why don't you do it in? Daytona? Where one hundred. I'm trying to think. Oh God if you go to Daytona. It's like being in a city the infield there's a pond there's a lake in the middle of the race track. Lay You could actually if you wanted to do campers and things like that and he didn't WanNa have it out in an open field and have wrestlemania Palooza or something like that. There you go. There's an option for you spurs near says. I think it's going to be a long time if we're GONNA find eighty thousand people who are going to want to hang around together for eight hours anyway. Well that's about what they did for Wrestlemainia this year before they had to refund everybody's tickets. I mean there were between sixty and eighty thousand people that were going to Wrestlemania and I promise you now. One of them did think that show is going to be hours because there are always eight hours now. Two days of that not sure about that. One after watching exceed you. Think this whole Drake Maverick. Thing is a work even though he lost everything about all of this screams. Underdog makes a comeback to me. I don't think it's a work. I think that he was released. I think that he did a tremendous job. Giving his real feelings and also mixed in with some cafe is obviously the same deal as Sarah Logan. Everybody else I mean they have fired. This is just like it's incredible. They fired everybody. They've got Ninety Day. No compete so they're still paying them for ninety days so they're asking them to continue coming to work while they're getting paid now because so many people they want to work for me. They're going to do this. You know like a normal person that options outside of me would just give them the middle finger but you know people are coming back and listen if it's me I I never would have. Fired Trick Maverick. But if I did fire DRINK MAVERICK. I would have seen what Drake Maverick did on his social media last night on INEX- Rehire the guy. I don't know if they're GONNA do that or not but yes he was. He was great on that show. Last night is a great story line. But I don't think he's winning the title. I could be wrong. I I'll give it to him you know. He's the company guy. I can't imagine being you know. What if he blows his knee out? And you know what the company will take care of it. Yeah You know just I. I understand the the want to perform. I Know Sarah Logan is obviously. She's married to row. So I can understand. Drake Maverick loves wrestling. Spot is loves wrestling. That's I'm sure if that's the case if this isn't a work fine but I just I couldn't do it you know so. Just remember if you're going to invoke the Ninety Day Klaus on me not showing up okay. Sarah Logos Mary Hansen by the way Hanson Hanson rogue. I don't know it's also one of the very regular vikings now now they're Minnesota. Vikings are not actual Viking raiders anymore. They're just guys in cars. Okay so this person thinks New Orleans perfect because every hotels walking distance what is true and also suggest bringing it back to MSG. Well they're not going to bring it back. Msg because the buildings too small and also talks about how great New York City Public Transportation. Well public transportation is great but in the middle of this corona virus epidemic or pandemic. I mean that's one of the main reasons that New York was ravage was because of their subway system. So if it's still around next spring I am not getting on that subway. I'd like to see you talk with the Las Vegas Mayor. I think that'd be a fun after actually shoes should be on after dark. I think listening to her citizens bank park. This person says is affiliate stadium. Thank you resume could be two six hour shows by the second year? That's true like they did a great three hour Saturday night wrestlemainia and they couldn't help themselves. It was three and a half hours the next night so I mean yeah we could all we all see here and go. Oh we'll be great to be three hours on Saturday three hours on Sunday. You realize that if their numbers continue to fall and they need some sort of some sort of increased somewhere it goes right back two hours of programming watch on the W network and by this time next year. They may very well say to today. Wrestlemainia ends up being five hours both days. Do not think that it's impossible and sort of their deals. Everybody's got to be on the show. Everybody's got to be on Wrestlemainia. Even though it's supposedly everyone's childhood dream to get on the show that's like the one show everybody does get on like people's childhood dream should be. Oh if only I could get on backlash or for some random show that not everybody gets on now only could be on Wrestlemainia. How could you not E C Three Garden Wrestlemainia? So anyway. That's one thing and the other thing to think about. The hour-long three hour long show is okay. You Got Saturday and Sunday now lemmings. No takeover on Saturday and smack downs on Friday and the hall of fame is is unless you want to run that hall of fame and and and takeover head to head. I mean takeovers done so then what happens oh well then you go to get the top takeover matches wrestlemainia okay. Well now we gotta get everybody on Wrestlemainia and annexed matches. There's no way you're doing two three hour shows now for sure. It's a four hour show each night maybe five we need to discuss this also late normal people do it as well too. I know it's W. Talking about the normal person what I'm saying but like normal normal company would listen to what you said Go. You know what yes and we're going to maximize both nights and we're going to make sure if we're going to blend in and we've in these NS matches into our wrestlemainia events that we are going to have the strongest card possible. No fat this is going to be all prime rib. We're going to give people. Most people would think that that's actually how they should think about that. And not have ten trillion people on the car and I know what you're going to say is dude. It's wwe and you will be right. And I can't do anything about that but if we're looking at this for me a calm measured point of view. I mean it's not that damn hard you can cut the showdown by making seven or eight matches really damn matter. That's really all you gotta do matches even hey is ro fifteen kids you're right. It is.

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