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He like, I say you could be combative without being personal. I mean, he can even be personal as long as he isn't. Rude and insulting in ways that he shouldn't right. I mean, I've said I've suggested that we actually create a fake Twitter app, and we put it on his phone, and then we can actually screen tweets. He actually tweeted out it gives him fake feedback. He thinks that it's real feedback. And he goes around the rest of the L happy and never sees the light of day outside of the White House. Yeah. Something like that. Because obviously, I agree. There are a lot of great benefits to a guy with as much charisma as much magnetism. I mean, the guy can bring a spotlight like nobody in the American politics, clearly and having all of that without the downsides of saying, whatever fails to be caught between his brain mouth filter. Would would definitely be a good thing. I don't have as jaded view as you do have him. I probably did during the primaries. I don't see him as a person that that is just all negative and all I see if he you gotta remember something else. They of attacked him so much and yes, he's. In one since then skinned whatever you wanna call it, but he's legitimately responding to to relentless assault. No question, personal assault. And so he's defending himself. And he's got a forum to do it. Sometimes I think he goes overboard with the Adam Schiff thing that kind of even though ship deserves ridiculed. But, but he doesn't need to gratuitously put that in like a lot of people on Twitter, you know, the urge to be rude and funny, and then you wake up the next. I wish I n done it. And what I try to do in Twitter's to live a good example and try to be nice to people even people that are mean to me, but I'm biting my tongue the whole nation on Twitter than I know. But, but I don't wanna be my instinct is to go for blood, and I can see Trump. He's a brawler, and he he doesn't, but I don't see him as some sinister guy. I see him as really wanting to help the company. Yeah. It gets too personal and stuff. But I just with young people. We I think young people have got to be we've got to educate. Young people to what we face that. How they're going to lose their liberties and everything that was built for them if the left continues to win. So this seems like a question as to what the future of the Democratic Party? You would hope to see looks like because in the one cents. It sounds like you would like to the Democratic Party reveal their full scale radicalism for everybody. So that we have a better chance of victory in two thousand twenty at the same time. If that full-scale radicalism wins out, then you have a full scale, radical Democratic Party in charge of the government. So which direction would you like to see the Democratic Party take? Well, they're impotent now, though, all they can do as obstruc all they have is the house, and so no, I do not. I don't subscribe to this view. Let them in charge. So they can show just how bad they are and destroy the country. I don't think we have many years left. I don't think we have many chances soda me. But if you if you had your druthers would they run it in twenty twenty a more moderate candidate who appeals to the rust belt because you want to viable parties. Or would you prefer they run somebody completely radical? So that the color. Can see. And then we risk whether that person Windsor not well that would be calculation if I thought the person could win I wouldn't want him to run. But I don't believe there's many almost any such thing as a moderate democrat anymore. They built people like that Sharad and all that. I don't believe it all these Democrats vote and enable the radicalism that we see in the country. So I think that's one of the reasons I think the things that separate never-trumpers, by the way, I don't consider you never try and never not never I was during the election..

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