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Alec Campbell does canes radio pre and post he hosts the shows and we're getting ready for game seven tomorrow night in DC with the capitals and Carolina Hurricanes. Alex, thanks for coming on the bench. Yeah. No problem. How do you feel going into the game right now? How do you like your chances? Pretty good to be with you. It's kind of weird. Actually, I feel like a lot of pressures probably on Washington to close things out. They don't wanna lose in front of their home fans in game. Seven after coming off a Stanley Cup championship last year against the team that they're not supposed to lose to the team. They beat four times in the regular season. But listen, hurricanes dot only, you know, this isn't minute situation. With hurricanes are hanging on by a thread here, they're playing very competitive. Obvious specially in five on five so they can keep it in a five on five situation. Avoid taking penalties more than anything. They got a real shot. I will say the fourteen goals that they scored in the games in DC have to be some kind of concern to you. Yeah. That is a problem. No doubt about it. And the capitals have been very good in terms of their power play scoring scored six power play goals in this series. And I think all of them, or at least most of them have come in DC, and that's been a real problem for the hurricanes. They can't take penalties. And the other thing too is when the hurricanes have gotten their power play opportunities. It's been damn near Nemec when they're on the road at least. So you know, that's been a thing though that as hurricanes fans. No we've seen that all year long. Our players been up and down for them penalty. Kill was good the other night. And I think this this just it just has to be a five on five games. You look at a lot of the metrics the advanced metrics in the five on five games. You know, they've been more than competitive and probably the better team arguably in those situations. So that's really the keeper me. So Alec Campbell. Does the pre imposed canes radio network? I gotta ask you. Justin Williams is I think, you know, obviously, a huge factor in this game. Because he always is game. Seven is this guy. Repertoires whole rap. She'd his MO is that he I mean, fourteen points in eight game sevens is crazy. So this guy has a great game. I think they have a shot if he doesn't I think the lose. Yeah. I mean, it's hard to go against that. He's only had one game seven in its career where he was held pointless, and he's the type of guy, and I think most professional athletes relish the big game situations. I think that's a lot of the reason that gotten them there. But not all of them are able to take advantage of it like Justin Williams has been he's not played his best hockey over the course of the series, so far he did finally get on the scoresheet and game sixty other night with a big goal that put them up for two. But he seems to have a next her productivity getting on the scoresheet in the big games and hopefully game six can be a catalyst for them. And you know, if he is able to score a couple of goals, and they have a chance to look, man. He's been type of guy this year that they didn't they brought him in to be a veteran leader. But he was third on the team in points this year. It's not as if he was a slap in terms of scoring goals and getting points. So he's he's. Leading inside the locker room with his voice and his experience. But he's also backing it up with his plan the ice. So they've had this incredible season in Raleigh fans of just been spectacular. Supporting them, we've seen the whole bit about, you know, a bunch of jerks and all this other stuff storm surge and their whole act is pretty cool. I think probably the two biggest crowds it would appear to me that have got everybody excited. The the one in Raleigh in the one at the Nassau Coliseum for the islanders. What do you think of the fans that have gotten behind this hockey team like an ride like this goes back to the days when they won the Stanley Cup? Obviously, these crowds are comparable to that. Yeah. No doubt. I mean, I grew up in the state, and I was around when they went to the Stanley Cup finals didn't go to any of the games when they were doing that. But you hear the stories all the time the lore of the hurricanes fandom the tailgating all of those things and they have lived up to expectations in the series. I think it does a little bit for the team. I don't know how much those things actually are worth in terms of wins. But listen, I think you know, guys might be more willing to go into a corner and dig out pucker or take a big hit that they might not normally be willing to take when they've got the crowd behind. Maybe those things matter a little bit more, but it's been a really fun atmosphere. It's a fun atmosphere all year long, especially since the seem started winning again. This was this was a dormant fan base here for a long time after a decade with no play offs. So it's good to see that all of the stories that. You heard about the fans coming out and being crazy. Come true. So how worried are you about Ovechkin and a big game? And did you think is goal? Was a goal or did you think that it was not a goal? I think well first of all I'm extremely worried about skin. You've got eight points in the series already is a super dangerous player. So I'm always worried about Alex vaccine, obviously, one of the best players in the league led the league goalscoring this year in the regular season in terms of the goal the other night that I think that was a situation where they because of the way that replay is that they made the right call, but I could see that being called a goal and a lot of other situations. I could see you know, when when the referee cannot see the puck anymore. The rule is that they have to blow it dead. And I think that that's what happened. I think the referee was behind the goal. He couldn't see the he blew it dead. Ovechkin was on the other side of the goal. He saw the puck and shoved it through and probably had an argument, but the call on the ice was no goal, and they didn't have enough. Evidence to overturn it. And so I think they did the right thing. So now here you go into this game. And who else do you think on the canes? We talk about Williams, and so many other guys that no one really like what Fogel done and God's producing Slaven. There's guys on this team. And I don't think get any recognition. What's I don't even think people know who they are? Yeah. No doubt about that. I mean part of that is because of where the hurricanes bit and over the last decade, they haven't had a chance to see the team in any national team in any national television situations last year, no loan national TV game. At hurricanes had scheduled was the very end of the season against the Philadelphia. Flyers NBC bumped it because hurricanes weren't any damn good. So a lot of these players nobody has seen a lot of. And that's one of the great things about them being in the playoffs right now. Being on the national stage. Warn Fogel is the X factor that every team hopes steps up in a playoff run. He's been a bottom six player for the entire season. They had a couple of goals in the first few games of the year. And then he went like forty games without scoring or something like that. And over the course of the end of the regular season now into the the playoff run here. He's been unbelievable. And it's sorta come out of nowhere. A lot of people were talking about he's built for the play offs. Because the way he plays. He plays his hair on fire. Physical player fast skater, an energetic player. So he in in many ways his game suits the playoffs. But you know, there are other guys to think team's been waiting for a lot of their top six guys to step up that finally happened in game. Six Jordan stall had a had a two point night Sebastian I'll hose been a little bit quiet table terrified in scored. Again, the other night. So that's good. You don't need a writer. Possibly was the best player for player trade the hurricanes of made in a long time. At least, you know since before Ron Francis was the GM of the team. They didn't even make a player player trade while he was the team. So he was a big boost. Even though he's been a little bit quiet in the playoffs. But there are a lot of guys that can step up for the same. We'll see if Andre special cost and come back tomorrow night. There are rumors that it's possible. They just all video online that he was scooping ice cream. I watched in DC ice cream parlor. So I don't know if that's a sign that. He's gonna be back. But he's on the trip with a team. So we'll see if he's able to play the twenty goal scores a rookie for this team this year, if he can be a big boost, he I guess that sounds kind of dangerous to me put him back out on the ice after having his face smashed in and concussed when he landed on the ice. I don't I don't find that to be a really sound decision. I wouldn't let him anywhere near the ice until if they win and move on. Maybe then right now, I think that's kinda stupid. Hoe is a bad ass that guys become a rockstar. Yeah. He was one of the guys that at the beginning of the year. You know, there are a lot of things that his team had to fix one of them was they needed more goalscoring talent and one they had to get more physical and other ones. They had to get bare minimum league average goaltending. And they figured out a way in the off season, and through some trades to get all of those things together and one of the things that they relied upon in terms of getting more guys who had a knack for scoring goals was that some of these young players would come up and become the type of players that everyone hope they become today that they've been talked about national who is one of those guys and there's only third full season in the NHL only this is third year in the NHL and he's playing center full-time for the first time in the NHL this year. So we weren't really sure how that was going to him. If he was going to be able to live up to the expectations that people have set for them. But I mean, he was he was dynamite. All year long. Now, he hit a need a knee collision with Nino Nita writer probably two weeks before the regular season ended. And he hasn't really quite been right since then he just hasn't had really the burst of speed that we've seen from him. He's been a little bit tentative with contact. And those types of things I think there may be some other things that he's doing with a couple of nights ago, we noticed that he was sort of deferring to other people in the face off circle..

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