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Seventy eight crew after Martin tricks junior made the championship Sunday Phoenix as team facing shutdown at the Susan. They are looking at go out as back to back Cup series champions in Miami. A nice moment there from the weekend and furniture row. One of four organizations now in the Cup series title hunt. Marty Snider has more from the Stewart Haas ratio. Caroline, how could penalties. Help two of the championship four teams. Well, obviously we've been talking about Rodney children's in the folks here is to and Haas racing because of his penalty and being suspended for the last two races of the season. He was able to be at the shop all last week. And I texted with them a couple of times. And he said, hey, man, I'm working on our Miami car here at the shop so in between practice sessions in between everything before and after the race. He was working on that Miami car getting it ready and that car that Kevin Harvick will take this weekend to try and win a championship is one of their better cars in their stable. It one Atlanta earlier this year and most recently ran the southern five hundred where finished fourth they had a lot of confidence in that car. Another penalty team Martin extra in your in his guys. Remember they had inspection issues. Friday before qualifying at Phoenix in the furniture rogue is wasted. No time. They got Blake Harris the car chief who was kicked out of the race track on a flight immediately from Phoenix Denver. He then spent Friday night, Saturday and. Sunday, working on their Miami. Primary car coal per and told me that was the huge advantage of Blake not being at the racetrack. We're way ahead on our preparation, and they need that. Obviously they're based in Denver, Colorado. So they have twenty four hours less to get ready for the championship race than everyone on the east coast. They have to load their Haller by Tuesday night, they expect to do. So and get the car on the way to Miami. Speaking of all the teams on the east coast talk to Gordon about that. And the work they'll put in he said Monday as really our final touches on the car it self then Tuesday and Wednesday will focus solely on setup making the plan for the entire race weekend, which we will stick to on Friday and Saturday and hopefully execute and get ourselves to a championship and the twenty two team did something very interesting. They had a car. Swap with Ryan Blaney now. Joey Logano backup car is. Ryan blaney. He's old primary car for Miami. They took those cars to the wind tunnel found out that Carl was a little bit better. So the twelve teen gave up that car to be the backup car for Joel. Gano this weekend. Turn Ryan Blaney gets the car that Joey Logano was going to use as backup the car. The lead one hundred laps at Kansas. Just a few weeks ago team Pinski doing everything they can to try and win a championship in twenty eighteen. And that leaves Kyle Busch and his race team. The competition meeting today at Joe Gibbs racing for everyone at J G R and Connell said some interesting things post race yesterday after his big win at Phoenix. He said, I think this is the closest championship four has ever been. I think at some point in the race at Miami. We'll be running one two three four I'm confident in that. So every latte every pass is going to be critical when it comes down to the race Sunday L Miami. But as Kyle said, I like the position our team is in no doubt, we have the most momentum going into that championship race. Great report from mardi bear Steve helped me understand something. I understand the car saw understand Joey Logano having the added advantage of being able to tweak things early with that team because they earn their. Right into the playoffs before this past weekend. But how does it make any sense? That penalties can end up being a good thing for two teams competing for championship. While the penalties aren't the good thing. It's how the teams reacted the penalties and make them an advantage. And I think that's like that at any sport. You have to find the good in anything. We're saying that now because Kevin Harvick advance through if that right front tire goes flat a lap earlier..

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