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They smiled and waved. Lisa Brady Fox News. Five of the men suspected of plotting the 9 11 attacks, apparently pleased to see each other as they made their first joint court appearance in over 500 days. A pretrial hearing delayed by the pandemic that included the accused mastermind of the attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, better known by his initials KSM, charged with killing nearly 3000 people on 9 11. His idea to hijack the airliner sporting Kuwait kiss him went to a small college in North Carolina. Before graduating to a life of terrorism beginning in Afghanistan for the five Gitmo detainees were not wearing masks. All their lawyers were all the female attorneys. The five prisoners were wearing her job and covered head to toe in conservative Islamic attire on the orders of KSM I'm told female U. S military lawyers defending the detainees at taxpayer expense. We're not boxes Lucas Tomlinson at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba tomorrow. The defense and prosecution plan to continue questioning the new judge. The sixth judge assigned to the case. The port of New Orleans is back in business, just announcing the container vessel operations have resumed after a more than week long shutdown from Hurricane Ida. Meantime, just getting word Louisiana plans to revoke the licenses of seven nursing homes after the deaths of evacuated seniors. President Biden visiting parts of the Northeast, devastated by ideas remnants. The president, while giving hugs of consolation to residents described the damage he saw along a Manville New Jersey Street. It's incredible. One couple he met, described leaving in a hurry with their infant child before the flood rolled in, hoping to find a home still intact. Our plan was to come back once the water has gone down. I daughter's nursery is on the second floor. And so we're there Another corner. The president heard many of those kinds of stories telling residents that local state and federal.

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