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Ten let's go up to me and I don't think would be the name the last couple of nights Rick is in Maine hi Rick welcome next a nice side hi Dan Nancy K. good girl what would do what I yet I I grew up in Massachusetts and a lot of that I can go back the next hi I have but it all the way up so it's just say a forty year work in Korea a president has never affected my life yeah yeah it is prized let me go I know but it laid off always carefully applied whatever prizes dope okay we had a high interest rates well everybody did good on the Bill Clinton fries I could say Reagan things are pretty good under Reagan Reagan things a good out of the tribe yeah the bears it's just not the price that we have a whole lot of people that are making decisions no question what is is also decisions that are made twenty years ago or ten years ago which is yeah they just happened yesterday this race as a private I work with the I'd work is a blast and the laborers there is no racism about a modest is this mosque kidding about the racism is in the democratic body I'm in the band it myself but I have all that the Democrats but they just been beaten that bad but he is now just let it go when you say the racism is is the Democratic Party right now the vast majority of black members of Congress to Jody are Democrats you know I think there's only one that I know of one member of Congress who's a Republican reps we black in that some will heard of Texas was one of the four who voted to censure the president today the vast majority of the congressional black caucus the Democrats you're right but okay this is you can't keep one door racism has been going on for years and is Nancy it's not a real world racism really doesn't affect anybody that I don't you have a lot of calls right tell you even today that the racism add adversely impacts them I mean you are you still working yet well right I'm all down by Shep but the woman said you you're still you're still a working man yes okay eighty seven out of the way in your union what percentage of your union and I assume it's a good idea what problems are there I'm not I'm not a unit I I do like to go bomb and then I'm a truck driver okay okay again but I do I do a lot of different things not very I here is there a lot there lot of minorities who did not get into unions because for many many years back in the fifties and sixties and into the seventies and eighties if your dad was a member of the union to that open the door for you and if your dad there were there were there were fewer blacks who had opportunities to become union workers I'm sure you are aware of that yeah I thought of the tapes are at Boston at the big record company that nafta the is how many blacks that he worked as a member the teamsters how many blacks that he works whatever is best friends with the poor the black guy he was he was a really comical good sets the humor yeah this is an exception this is an ex I'm saying that the blacks did not have access to unions the same access that white in that white men did and and that's just the best is the fact yeah well it I've never worked in a year dinner and thanks very much I can call in to show okay we'll talk soon okay you have a great I let me go to build that we're going to go from Maine to Ohio bill you're in on that you're a nice I welcome hi again I Nancy I find it strange like when congressman to lead set up in the Congress and said I never felt more Palestinian the one I'm in Congress I don't know what that means when she shared a few more American I don't recall her saying that if you tell me she said it I I'll I'll accept that but I don't understand that I mean if I ever got elected to Congress god for bid I certainly would I wouldn't get up and say I've met I never felt more Irish exactly even though there's no you the next person going to say I've never felt more like a French man or a Spanish woman or one of the things one of the things was great about America was we all assimilated people can we identified as Americans we can still go around the world they're not going to say are you and are you going to say I'm an American but also when people came here to this country they wanted to become Americans they they they might have kept their their heritage in their home but they wanted to to learn American culture they wanted to learn American sports they wanted to immerse themselves they wanted to take advantage of what was available to all Americans I love to tell the story about in in Boston's north end for many many many years it was a it was predominately almost exclusively I tell you the American and right and in the nineteen thirties when Joe DiMaggio was the great Yankee clipper the baseball player those people in the north end those men were Yankee fans and they were not fans of Ted Williams of the red Sox they identify with Joe DiMaggio all I can remember I can remember as a young television reporter on opening day covering stories of buses of Italian Americans leaving the north end to go to Yankee Stadium because they were still Yankee fans even though DiMaggio had long since retired and actually had a probably at that point passed on so yeah exactly well they were tried and true and they took pride in their heritage I get that today I'm listening to a local station and they were talking about you know what reparations and and it's gonna get convoluted because I'd say I told us what I said you know that the first slave owner North America was a black guy from Angola and he came here yeah during the war they call it indentured servants servitude god does the excel no but what I'm saying is there's enough Sindical around everywhere the end of a black woman slavery is not the scene of the African American community think you're saying that with many blacks were slaves there was some there was some and argue that the biggest one was indeed New Orleans it was a black woman and she owned a lot of slaves and she was the biggest slave owner norms for years so I mean it wasn't like I want it wasn't like three hundred let me ask you this what percentage of slave owners in America in a wall as the bill in all honesty bill do you think with black or white of course more with our white was it like sixty forty always in like ninety nine point ninety nine percent in point zero zero one percent that's already set well at one time twenty percent of free blacks in New Orleans owned slaves I never heard that speed stick in my life well I mean you know to me so this may I I'm I've been around I I think I know history I've never heard that statistic in my life someone might have told you that but I've never heard that what got me don't know this guy's name is that you can look them up his name is what was his name Anthony just said you are you alright all right email Robert if you wait a minute wait wait just look up the Anthony Johnson and he's from angle any live from sixteen hundred to sixteen seventy Bill Gates bill bill come on I don't want to go down this road because it is the exception to the rule slavery was America's original sin slave owners were overwhelmingly white could there be some more black I'll give you that possibility but it was the infinite decimal about so I don't want to go down that street and had that argument because it's just not relevant to what we're talking about tonight he was screaming about white devils and everything else and get that but up one thing okay great we'll talk soon thank you bill presage a call for a much bill a bill kept going six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine two nine it's interesting you mentioned preparation right because Chuck Schumer marmite as Senate minority leader is supporting us slavery reparations bell or lease is supporting a study into slavery reparations wanting to support a study it's another thing to support the results of the study lawyer I don't think he said he might he might be highly influenced by well having having Schumer on a bell is is a pretty big step up it gives the bill shop or it may not have had a shop before we'll we'll talk about that sometime I have no idea how you figure that one out I have no clue we're gonna get one more in before the break and we're gonna go to a rocky rocky next a nice a good rocky are you guys figured me out again and again Nancy drastic my call the US wants also mobile with all this nonsense he didn't tell lever she's Palestinian descent correct that's correct didn't wasn't she allowed to put her hand on the car ran in this country to take the oath of office and I was I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure that anybody who's Muslim is allowed to take a current why is that well why would they be able to find anything to them yeah I mean don't you're not over in pallet you're over here in the United States Catholic country yeah but she she's Muslim she's a Muslim and said that the whole point is to swear on something that means something to you so and not everybody believes in the Bible okay that's fair enough oh one more thing damn Florida let somebody just to jump in the democratic gov we have in this state wow what is going on with him the democratic it's much talk about Charlie Baker Charlie Baker just almost right these were public knowledge that why what is it with him bad malting uprising he what's all this stuff go wanted the registry the child and families I mean what does he do you know what he's got he's got some problems here in Massachusetts there's no doubt about that I don't think he has caused the problems certainly the people who he is appointed I need to be called on the carpet I don't think Charlie's down there deciding not to open there are things what happened on his watch which makes them you know he's he's part white rum and also be sure people why can't they be voted in on marriage instead of being boyfriend girlfriend friend uncle cousin why is that allowed to happen was he brought you you mean when you said voted in you mean you mean appointed to positions okay yeah we aren't you also act or not you want to pay back well that's what else you know here's the deal rocky okay in Massachusetts the way it works is judges are appointed by the governor and in this case governor Baker a Republican appointed a lifelong Democrat very much a political activist name Shelley Joseph now I suspect that he probably re regrets.

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