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Years the adventurism in northern syria by turkey does that in any fashion involve iranian risk are they looking to expand without or are they saw are they cheerleaders all of the any uh vacuum in the region any instability in the region can be exploited by the romanians there are ongoing to base right now something gets pretty insider a bow to whether or not the iranians are overstretched and in fact looked that gets into the debate about whether or not so that they are able to banker some of the investments they made in syria uh which is another was asking health in any spread out they are and uh whether or not they can consolidate those lines and make the real for themselves the turkish adventurism in northern syria right now could go one of anyway it could end up in a fullblown conflict that has been extracted conflict between the turks and of various combinations of turkish or of kurdish or since that cell one hundred fifty kilometers uh that's a 150 kilometer frontier at this point on the other hand the iranians also aren't sure what side they wanna take they have a kurdish population as well they're trying to pursue however realignment with turkey there is russia factor wrong relies on russia in international forums for diplomatic support because right now the obama administration would be going after them and they know they need the russians in diplomatic contacts and so they'll shreds carefully but uh you're absolutely right it's an extremely complicated situation the opportunities for destabilization are many and the iranians will seek took place after the except that they can't sarah is the managing director at the israel project malcolm hoenlein conference of presidents major american jewish organizations i'm john bachelor i was introduced to this remarkable product balance of nature fruits and veges and say it's amazing is an understatement balance of nature provides the nutrients of nine eleven servings of thirty.

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