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About to go into the second half of the show. Were in the in the in the future. Now we've got the flash forwards on the table. Rescue is imminent. It's a really big momentum. Change for the show. The entire tone of the show is taken a really important shift. Let us catch our brett's. Let's take a minute will will still be delivering weekly podcasts. Over the next couple of weeks they will be fun. Hopefully they will be light. Sometimes they will be serious. I'm sure much like down the hatch as as it has been recorded thus far but maybe if they're shorter podcasts. I'm not that mad at you know. We've got a lot going on in january mike. You're on polish jokes on you. Josh i can hold my breath for four minutes so i'm going. No no god. A nightmare a nightmare. But there's a lot going on the podcast right now just for people who only down the hats. But don't maybe know everything that's happening in the po- show recap home arena going on there so much i want. I want to hype it all up if if you'll if you'll look like this is our network. Let's take the time like this is a time for us to marinate over the next few weeks. Let's let's start by hyping up all the fantastic stuff going on the network right now. I'm really excited about everything that we've got going on. So let's get into it. So so so. Jessica lease and rob sister nina. Dave podcasting about the stand against my better judgment. They went ahead and did it. And i think that they were right and i was wrong and it seems like the podcast is a really fun time even if the show can be a little bit hit or miss for certain people but they are talking about the stand every single week mike. I know that you ingest are getting very close to the end of the line here on star disco season three to the point. Where the finale. At the time you're listening to this finale is already out there so jessica. Least i'll be getting together this weekend to wrap up star trek discovery season. Three in which there are very indeterminate. Dates when the rest of star trek will come back. We might prognosticate a bit. But yeah i mean we are right there at the tippy tip of that iceberg that is star trek discovery season. Three all right. So that's your sunday shows. The stand is still going to be coming out on sundays for the foreseeable future season when wraps but disco is wrapping. It's run here pretty soon in that. Podcast always drops on sundays. Mike do you want to just let people know that. There's there's going to be a mike bloom joint. That's going to be hitting that sunday. Spot wants disco. Goes you know what do this is a time. We've been talking a lot about this over the past couple of months and i've let the secret out to a few parties but let's just let the cat out of the bag. I'm feeling you know it's not christmas anymore. But it is a new year. And i'm really hype for what i'm having listened to the first episode early. I'm even more hype for what you've had told success at that level. He's able to listen to podcasts. At aren't even out yet. So here's the thing there's a little show that exists that lost the show that we're talking about today was very much inspired by by the name of the x. Files it was a series created by. Cris carter ran through the nineties into early. Two thousands speech in the twenty tens. But maybe we don't talk about that supernatural freaky tiki procedural slash serialized..

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