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Leave me. So you know where, as you know what I need you at the dining room table. I mean, they're so looking. It's real. Oculus. What is it makes her mad. You're a professor. And you do some things in broadcasting, right? Yeah. You know, you set me up. I know you're in broadcasting professionally, but in the course is they teach? Do you all do like broadcast news? Because there is a certain addiction and sound no matter where you go in the country, they all sound the same. There are classes that are taught that are specific for like, like broadcast TV and things like that, where You practice reading, teleprompters and stuff, But it's almost the speed at which the teleprompter kind of ticks. So you kind of read ahead so you can talk slower. So you know what's coming, so you don't get fumbled up over a word. Okay, so it's they don't necessarily teach that to you, but I almost think it's Because they tell you watch other anchors and kind of practice how they do it. Maybe just everybody just keeps practicing off of each other. He's copping it more of a read than it is just us talking right now. Objection. They're not really just having conversation. They're like reporting statements and then go off. A little bit, You know, I mean, they're not talking to one another. They're talking to you, right? Not casual. They're reporting the news. Not him. Can't banter. We've had news nothing against him. But because I can't read a teleprompter. It gives me anxiety. Just thinking about it. But when we've had certain newscasters come in, and we think we see you every day. We know you. They don't we don't. We can't banter back and forth. You ask him a question. Like so, what you do this weekend this weekend? Don't talk about my life. My gosh, Risky show here. They put me on the weekend. I don't talk about my I think you're not used to it by their personal They're not. They don't get a chance. I mean, everyone's while you run into one that can say one thing now sitting down as an anchor reading a teleprompter. And having something in my ear. That's like, you know, 10 seconds Now they're talking. May I have enough trouble reading the teleprompter? Not something in my ear disaster, Jason. Like what you're saying? Ah, fires 200,000. What terrible cameras that they have to say. Oh, my God, I would be there all day long trying to figure out your good names. Terrible. So Jason Goodman, if you were a news broadcaster Terrible and listen, The thing is, there's no camera for you to look into. But I just read. This worse has do Americans like you. What do Americans Well, I feel like if you're a broadcaster, like the evening news. Do Americans on hashtag Halloween. Really? Just leave a bowl of sweets on their door? Staff? Hope for the best isn't so bad is pretty good. Yeah, All right. Katie, do you want to you want sure? Just pick something. Yeah. You married the next, okay? CDC is recommending a virtual Thanksgiving this year to help prevent the spread of Corona virus, the agency says. Since travel increases the chance of Corona virus transmission, staying at home is the best way to prevent the spread. I think that was really good. I think that was better. I think it's because you can see so far ahead. It's not like maybe a line or two on the teleprompter. Yeah. I don't know what you mean. Because I can see it all for Katya. There might even be too fast. I know my having, like moving back and forth with the lines and the words and they just still you know, you can see their eyes going now. Yeah, and they're like, Oh, you're not very good at your job. You try. Jared. Ah, let's see here. All right. We have the story earlier. If I'm doing the evening news, yes. If you don't text a guy within six hours, he's less likely to respond. I feel like they have researchers found with a six hour period. I feel like I'm a marine too fast now. No, I think he and is better that I was fast. She was too fat. Even the reporters talked that way. They're not reading anything. I've seen reporters there just on scene somewhere, and they have the certain cadence and and Ah, right back to you. We would never say that, as you can see in the background. The entire city is burning down and you like casting live. It's 5678 and back to you. Back to you, John. Thanks. Jill was like what seems awkward. Great reporting way could do that, right? No, no, no, no, we cannot. I do have some breaking news. All right. So if you have an apple watch Oh, yeah, I do. And I have one man lamentably. They do have one. Jason has some knock off thing very Is that do you find out? I I like the Fitbit the best, but I do wear this sometimes because has blood pressure on it. It looks. It looks like a like an apple watch. It has blood pressure on there. No, just your heart. Your heart monitor has oxygen level's, too, so I can see of him. Wait it tell you when I wear a face mask. I look at it to make sure my really But, Jason, it doesn't tell you what your blood pressure is here. Look 1 20/75 out having problems with my blood pressure. Well, Apple watch. Step your game up. When you get the No name watch, Jason has seriously he has a lot more than Apple Watch. However, apple watches are causing problems because their heart monitoring feature is not accurate Grains of people I'm not saying Don't say ignored, you know, do whatever you feel is best. The researchers found that only 10% of Apple Watch owners who went to the doctor after seeing on their apple watching something abnormal with their heart actually had a problem with her heart. Well, that's okay that you stopped 10%. However, they say the false positives settle consumers with a lot of medical bills. Overtax healthcare system You have bunch rushing and although if you feel something's off William Terrel side of caution. I'm very you know, I would like to be like it were very worried sometimes, right? And ever since my dad had his heart surgery, I'm just boring that runs in the family or so I actually got this E. K g for at home. An E K g. We go on doctors and you're hooked up to all these cores that costs a lot of money, right? Yeah, only Khun Detective. Something's wrong at that exact moment and this E. K g. Now they make And apparently it worked. Well, my dad's doctor recommended getting one. Really. I got one with my house savings, a card or whatever it's called flex card. And you put put two fingers on for 30 seconds. It gives you an 80 kg on your phone, and then it can also send the data to your doctor, Manu and all sorts of that's cool. I think I personally think his heart disease is the leading killer for men and women worldwide, and it has been like number one forever. Ah! We should beam or heart care not just like, eat healthy but more Ah, screen greetings and maintenance. And like every year, every person I don't like making field should be strongly encouraged to do some sort of maintenance. It could be somehow affordable here. You know, people do find out. They have things with their heart. They'll say I didn't even know I had no idea yet. Well, because we're not. Are we doing screenings? I don't know. We just kind of relying on the fact that if you don't have any preexisting condition when you feel a pain in your family, I mean, I think I believe seven million people die every year in the world for heart disease and 750,000 in this country. It's a lot..

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