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Minutes here before we go to news. But what is what is coming up? On the other side, we've, we've kept people busy. We've kept some ears busy this morning, but we still got an hour to go and lots to do on the program going twelve thirty. The other side of news, we're going to be talking with a couple of other gold star family members as well, as we're going to be talking with the CEO and founder of the Chicago-based organization leave no veteran behind. That's ally Williamson. So lots to do many, many conversations ahead. Yeah, it's been I mean it's amazing how fast the times foam by, and we have some great gusts as well. And. You know what the thing that, you know, you made me think about was how we talk about people that, that pass away in service, and so many keep it with them when they come home, and they're fighting, maybe some team in some mental health issues and the suicide epidemic that probably brought up in the ruck March that tries to honor as well as bring connect veterans back, so that they don't have they have a community. They don't have as much to deal with. But how many do we lease after the war to suicide not necessarily go star families anymore, but it was affected by their service. So thinking about those folks, I think that's a really interesting topic, right? Because it is, it's, it's I don't wanna see it's a gray area because I think that makes people sound invisible who are not. But it it's, it's such a thing that I don't think we could overstate it. I don't think we could talk about it enough possibly, and certainly not too much, because there is a segment of the veteran population that, that perhaps, the direct impact is not there in combat. But it's, it's soon after it's the it's struck. Ogling to return home, then and we hear these stories that are just heart-wrenching of what happens after in that reintegration process that so that's so scary and just to underscore, it is eleven thirty AM by tomorrow at this time twenty we'll have taken their own lives. Take a minute to think about that. By tomorrow. At this time, twenty veterans, we'll have taken their own lives. And as you just pointed out, the wounds are unseen, so many of these wounds are on seeing some of our because they've been wounded physically, but the mental wounds at the carry with them are devastating to the population as you can just statistics. So much of what we're talking about today's we're sharing all the different stories and the different types of stories that go towards Memorial Day as ever, we pick a topic and start talking about it, and it becomes complicated and nuanced. And there's a lot there. So we'll pick this conversation up backup a backup on the other side of news. If there's someone you'd like to honor today, give us a call three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred we'll do our best to get everyone on the air. But right now it's eleven thirty. Here's news with Steve Bertrand. This Memorial Day, mayor Lightfoot is attending a ceremony in downtown in grand park to honor those who have fallen we will continue to follow that through the day today. The state legislature is inaction, a house committee takes up legalized gambling later. The full house could take up an abortion Bill and North Korea's denouncing US national security adviser, John Bolton as ignorant a hardliner and a warmonger that's after Bolton's criticism of the north recent short range missile testing Bolton told reporters that it violated you and resolutions, President Trump didn't go that far. We'll check your money, sports, traffic, and weather next on WGN. We had a.

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