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Right? They had to move up to get him. The Steelers show they were serious about getting Michigan linebacker, Devin Bush by trading. Their second round pick this year third round choice next year to move from twentieth to tenth GM, Kevin Colbert, wanted to make sure that Bush didn't get away was weird. Devon was on our board. And we thought that highly of them that it was it was I don't want to say it was an easy trade the make. But it was easy and our minds to pick him with the tenth pick. Yeah. Bush's not huge five eleven to thirty four, but he can run a four four three at the combine. Covered. The patch? That's that's all Bush has been compared to former Tampa Bay linebacker Derrick Brooks, which is interesting because Brooks was roommates with Bush's father at Florida state back in the day. The Steelers still have two picks tonight. Both in the third round the sixty six and the eighty third the first one is part of the Tonio Brown trade and interestingly his cousin marquees the Oklahoma receivers. Now, a Baltimore raven. He was chosen in the first round by Baltimore last night. After getting swept by the Diamondbacks at home. The pirates hit the road for five straight games starting tonight in LA. Clint hurdle says yesterday's five. Nothing loss was indicative. They played better than us. I mean the other day they played the pitch hit better. So that's that's usually what dictates what happens. Yeah. Couldn't do. Much. Zach cranky Cole. Tucker had two hits the rest of the team combined for three of them. Well, Jameson tone gave up five runs on six. It's over five innings. Chris Archer starts tonight against dodgers lefty Hyun Jin Ryu at ten ten on the fan. NHL winters last night in the second round where. Boston and Saint Louis from the wine or wellness center sports desk, Jim comedy, NewsRadio. Ten twenty Katie K sports. Thanks, jim. And let's get a preview of money talk. Here's Rick Applegate. Larry, what was the US economy's performance like in the first quarter of this year? We're going to find out today. And that's part of the story here next on money talk. Katie k radio stories.

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